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My name is Martha and I will be your guide to all things "Clackamas County". I do not live in Oregon,
but have family that lived in various parts of the State for many years.
l will do my best to answer questions and find information that might contibute to your success as a family researcher.
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Clackamas County Neighbors
Hood River ~ Marion
Multnomah ~
Wasco  Washington ~ Yamhill

History of Clackamas County

Oregon City became the county seat for Clackamas County. The city was built on a portion of Dr. John McLoughlin's land claim. In 1844 Oregon City was incorporated by the Provisional Legislature, making it the first incorporated city west of the Rocky Mountains. This area was the terminus for water transportation on the Willamette River and had been a meeting place for Indians, hunters, trappers, and Hudson's Bay Company voyagers for years.

The first major overland immigration to Oregon City occurred in 1842. Three years later Samuel Barlow established an immigrant route that ran from The Dalles, around the south side of Mt. Hood, and into Oregon City. The Barlow Road funneled thousands of immigrants into Oregon City and Clackamas County during the 1840s. Oregon City rapidly became the primary urban center in Clackamas County and dominated social and political life in Oregon during the provisional government period. The removal of the territorial capital from Oregon City to Salem in 1852 shifted most of the political activity to Salem. The creation of Multnomah County in 1854, at the request of Portland residents, removed Oregon's principal commercial city from Clackamas County as well as the county's access to the Columbia River.

Prior to construction of a courthouse, county records were housed in several locations in Oregon City, including the former provisional state house. Two of the locations burned but the county records were saved. In 1884 a frame and concrete structure was built at a cost of $145,000. In 1935 the county records were moved temporarily to rented quarters while a new courthouse was built. Using construction grants available through the Works Progress Administration the current courthouse was completed in 1937.

Clackamas County elected government is composed of five commissioners, a district attorney, assessor, clerk, sheriff, surveyor, and treasurer.

Heavily timbered, the county's geographical features include Mt. Hood and numerous rivers - the Willamette, Clackamas, Sandy, Pudding, Molalla, and Salmon. Since its creation, agriculture, timber, manufacturing, and commerce have been the county's principal activities. The population of Clackamas County has steadily increased from 1850. The 2011 population of 378,480 represented a significant increase over the 2000 population of 338,391 And from the Wiki

Oregon Base Map ~ Oregon Territory Map 1852
David Rumsey ~ Historic Map & Atlas Collection
Perry-Castaneda ~ Map Collection
Earthquake Fault Maps

American Georgaphical Society Library - Digital Map Collection
Humboldt State University Map Collection
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Oregon~ Railroad Maps
And, of course, Google Earth
Bing Satellite Mapping [not updated since 2013]
More Map Resources
I have access to the Library Edition of
'Historic Map Works'
Metsker's Maps, 1928 - Index
Metsker's Maps, 1937 - Index
Metsker Maps, 1951 - Index
Metsker Maps, 1966 - Index

All the files can be found here: Google Drive
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The indexes are for Plat Maps, which give the owner's names as well as Business locations

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Trails West & Mining History
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Oregon Mining Maps ~ Stone Quarries and Beyond
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
The Volcanoes of Oregon

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More Interesting Resources
'Century Past'
All sorts of stuff: Free Online Library
The Internet Archives has a nice assortment
of books on Oregon History:
A search gives these
Biographies and Genealogical Information

There are a lot of Clackamas County Biographies already indexed and transcribed.
There are some here.
There are Clackamas County bios in the
USGenWeb Archives

The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912
Volume's II. III, IV
The S J Clark Publishing Company
Chicago, 1912
Index below for Clackamas Folk
Read Online or Download

Name Page #
Bellows, Carlton E 965
Boise, Reuben P 187
Boring, Joseph H 1008
Cross, Elmer E 742
Derby, William P 522
Epler, Fred J 1030
Hammersly, John B 1024
Herman, William Pickney 336
Holman, Daniel 637
Jack, William Sherman 305
Mattoon, O P 715
Miller, Fred J 685
Shaver, James W 78
Simpson, John T 605
Smith, Joseph L 810
Stangel, Joseph J 1027
Stewart, John 307
Van Buskirk, William 958
Yoder, Levi Henry 1028

An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon
H. K. Hines, Author;

Published by Lewis Pub. Co.,
Chicago, 1893
There is an index here, but it does not break down by County.
Search the Book using "Clackamas" as the search parameter

School Lists were found in the old Clackamas County Files.

The Family of George Wise & Sarah Tong
Wise-Tong Pioneers of Clackamas, OR
Arthur D Coleman, 1965

The TOC is here.
The book may be downloaded from the FS Catalog or
I can send scans - Martha

Early Oregonians:1800-1860
Use index above and then
Search Here

"Oregon Native Son"
Publication with Bio's and Sketches
1899-1900 Index
The Books can be downloaded
or I will send pages of interest.

RAOGK: Volunteers for Local Lookups
I will do lookups in Archival Newspapers
Send query with Names, Possible Dates & Locations

USGW Archives
SOS Archival Records

All of the files linked below are on Google Drive.
The actual data can be found on FS & Ancestry
Canada ~ Cemetery, Funeral Homes, Coroner
Crime & Prison ~ Deaths & DC's ~ Marriages
 Miscellaneous ~ Obituaries
Passenger Lists & Employment ~ Vital Odds

Folks who went to California and left a 'Paper Trail'
Specific Records for Oregon: Multiple Databases

Resources: Newspapers
California Digital newspapers
This Site has a great collection of CA Newspapers,
but many of them have articles from
other States including Oregon.
A search using 'Clackamas County, Oregon results
with articles starting with 1840 - 1849

Use this Link

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Military, Cemetery, Deaths & DC's, Native American Census, Deaths & DC's, Divorces, Estate Records, Funeral Cards, Genealogical,  Homestead, Land [Certificates, Sales, Patents], Obituaries

Locations & Time Frame: Mollala, Lewis & Oregon City / 1844 - 1942

The following will help you get a handle on information thatcould be of value to your search for Family data.
The chart below will be a decent guide.
To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account:
Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
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all out, then use the chart I have created to access the information.

Backtrack to Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number of interest from the Charts in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.
Use the chart linked here for the Film #
Note: If you have trouble with either the Historical Images or the Catalog of Family Search, send along a note.
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Cemeteries: Old Transcriptions done by the DAR
LDS Film: FS Catalog for Access to the Images: Use the Chart below for Film # and Image Ranges

A bit of Explanation:
LDS/FS Film - 8960096 / 857013
Clackamas Cemeteries. DAR
Bottom of Image 83
Clackamas County deaths were not recorded until 1907.
1907 - 1915 - Deaths recorded in the County Clerk's Office
1915-1921 - Deaths recorded in the Health Office
1921 - Present - County Clerk's Office and State Health Office

Volume I: Copied in 1936-1937 by Susannah Lee, Barlow Chapter, DAR
Volume II: Copied by Susannah Lee, Barlow Chapter, DAR
857013 / Cemetery - Vol I Img / Rge 857013 / Cemetery - Vol II Img / Rge
Canby [Old] 85 - 88 Adams 327 - 338
Currinsville 121 Aurora 339 - 340
Damascus [Damascas?] 122 - 132 Barlow 341 - 342
Estacada 133 - 140 Beaver Rock 343 - 344
Forrester [Eagle Creek] 146 - 149 Blosser [Private] 345
Foster [Private - Eagle Crk] 150 - 151 Carus 346 - 355
Geer [DLC Cem] 152 Clarks 356 - 361
George 153 Colton  362 - 363
Hazelwood 84 Ellwood 364 - 365
Hood View 154 - 164 Four Corners 364 - 365
Lutheran [Canby] 89 - 90 Gleason 366 - 367
Meridian 165 - 167 Gribble [Private] -Cont'd on Item 3 377 - 378
Milwaukee  168 - 195 Howard DLC [Private] 379 - 380
Mt View [OR City-Beg 7 Mar 1896]  196 - 287 Irvin [Private] 380
Mt Zion [Near Estacada] 141 - 145 Jackson - Larkins DLC 381
New Era [Catholic] 288 - 291 Klinger [Private] 382
Oswego [Catholic] 295 Mollala - Odd Fellows 383 - 386
Oswego [Protestant] 292 - 294 Putz 387 - 388
Revenue [Private] 296 Redland 389 - 394
Sandy 297 - 303 Rock Creek 395 - 402
Sandy - Cliffside 304 - 307 Russellville 403 - 406
Sandy Ridge 308 - 310 Sanders [Private] 407
Stafford-Bird 311 - 318 Smyrna 408 - 411
Zion 91 - 120 Sprague 412
Springwater 413 - 418
Ten O'Clock 419 - 421
Thrullinger [Private] 422
Viola 423 - 424
Zimmerman 425 - 426
Zion [Near Whisky Hill] 427 - 430
8218625 / Cemetery Img / Rge
Milwaukee  774 - 783
Clackamas 788 - 790

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