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My name is Martha and I will be your guide to historical and genealogical resources for Washington County, Oregon.
I do not live in Oregon, I live on the Central Coast of California,
but have ancestors that graced the Oregon Territory.
I am an experienced online researcher and will do all I can to assist
you with your research. Contact: Martha

This site is dedicated to past coordinator
Donald Leroy Kelly
Born on Mar. 25, 1934 ~ Departed on Aug. 3, 2012 and resided in Cornelius, OR.

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History of Washington County [Wiki]
Washington County is one of 36 counties in the U.S. state of Oregon. As of the 2010 census, the population was 529,710,[1] making it the state's second most populous county.[2] The county seat and largest city is Hillsboro.[2][3]
Washington County is part of the Portland-Vancouver-
Hillsboro, OR-WA Metropolitan Statistical Area.Cities in Washington County include Hillsboro, Beaverton, Tigard, and Forest Grove, the county's oldest city.[4]

Originally named Twality when created in 1843, the territorial legislature renamed it for the first president of the United States, George Washington, in 1849. The original boundaries included the entire northwest corner of Oregon before sections became new counties. The Tualatin River and its drainage basin are almost entirely within the county, with the county nearly coterminous with the Tualatin Valley. It is bordered on the west and north by the Northern Oregon Coast Range, on the south by the Chehalem Mountains, and on the north and east by the Tualatin Mountains (or West Hills).
The county's major roads include small sections of Interstate 5 and Interstate 205, the Sunset Highway, Oregon Route 217, Oregon Route 47, Oregon Route 10, Oregon Route 6, and Oregon Route 8. Public transportation is primarily operated by TriMet and includes buses, the Westside Express Service commuter rail, and MAX Light Rail. Other transportation includes air travel at the Hillsboro Airport, private airfields and heliports, and heavy rail cargo on rail lines.

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Trails West & Mining History &?
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Deaths along the Oregon Trail: 1852
Historical Mining Maps ~ Stone Quarries and Beyond
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
The Volcano's of Oregon

There does not seem to be a definitive history of Washington County in the nice old County Histories written from 1875 > 1925, but I will see if I can find Biographies in other books.
There are Washington County Bios in the USGW Archives

The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912
Volume's II. III, IV

The S J Clark Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912

An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon

H. K. Hines, Author
Published by Lewis Pub. Co.,  Chicago, 1893
The Book is in the Google Book Archives.
There is a Biographical Index with links

Oregon Pioneers
I found a batch of filmed records for Oregon Pioneers.

These seem to be for Washington County.
Vol 1, Index: Images 6 > 63 / Vol 1, Registers:
Images 69 > 240
Vol 2, Index: Images 247 > 280 / Vol 2, Registers:
Images 281 > 364
Vol 3, Index: Images 371 > 377 / Vol 3, Registers:
Images 378 > 492
These can be found here, Film # 857038 [Sign in for access]

Donation Claims : Index
FS has the Volumes and they can be downloaded.

Historical Data can be found in many places, this is one resource
Washington County Historical Society
Additional Historical Information which includes
Native American Tribes
Oregon Burial Site Guide
Compiled by: Dean H Bryd
Co-Compiled by Stanley R Clarke & Janice M Healy
Binford & Mort Publishing, Portland Oregon, 2001
Permission to use on the ORGenWeb given by:
Mr Stanley R Clarke.
The Introduction and key can be found here.
The Indexes can be found here.
Washington County Pages can be found here.
All pages are combined into a searchable pdf.

Notes about the old Washington Cemetery Files.
Over the years, Don and local Volunteers did a huge amount of work.

The old Cem Files can be found here.
Note: The Cem Files do not format well to pdf's.
I have updated both header & footer.
The data is static, it has not been changed, nor will it be updated.

There is an index for the Milwaukie Cemetery dated 1957.
LDS Film #857035 - access it here, scroll down,
Then use the image ranges below for the alpha letter of choice.
LDS # 857035 Milwaukie Cem
Alpha Range Image #s
A > But 429 > 436
Ca > Ew 436 > 444
Fa > I 444 > 452
Ja > Ly 452 > 459
Ma > Py 459 > 468
Ra > Smith 468 > 473
Sno >  Zu 474 > 483

F~A~G ~ FS Search
Military Data
All with a connection to Oregon or Washington County, OR
Please use this link : Google Drive

Iowa, Armed Forces Grave Registrations, 1835-1998

Pennsylvania, WWI Service & Compensation Files,
1917-19 & 1934-48

Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Application Files, WWII, 1950-66
Washington Soldier Home Records, 1891 - 1945

Registers of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812 - 1934

Soldiers Of The Great War
In three Volumes

Compiled by: 
W M Haulsee, F G Howe, A C Doyle

Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 
Washington, D C: Copyright, 1920

US Headstone Applications: Washington County
Military Veterans, 1915 - 1963

1890 Veteran's Schedule
Vietnam Casualties, Washington State
Search: DAR ~ GAR ~ SAR

More Military Data can be found here: "Gleanings"
Types of Information
Military Hospitals ~ Burial Records ~ Pensions & Bounty Claims
Indian Campaign Service Records ~ Military Death Certificates
Abstracts of Military Service ~ WW I & II Service Cards
Registers of Deaths, Army, 1860-1889 ~ Deceased Union Veterans
Veteran's Compensation Applications ~ Military Academy Applications
Military Transport Service during War Time
Washington Soldier Home Records

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"Jan has left for Greener Pastures..."
Her legacy rests in the work she has done to further Family Research
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