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Groom Bride

Last Name First Name Last Name First Name County State
1863 ALLEN Thomas
Mariah Clatsup Oregon
1861 BADOLLET John NOWLAN Mary Jane Clatsup Oregon
1860 BOGGS Isaac KIMBALL Mina Ann Clatsup Oregon
1860 COOK George Washington
Mary Clatsup Oregon
1861 GROVER Eliphalet BORDEN Alice M. Clatsup Oregon
1861 HAYS Almon SHUCK Mary Elizabeth Clatsup Oregon
1863 HIGGINS Joseph D. COFFINBERRY Emiline Clatsup Oregon
1860 JARVY Edward
Nancy Clatsup Oregon
1862 LEGVET William BOND Caroline Ann Clatsup Oregon
1860 MCEWAN George B. COFFINBURY Emoline Clatsup Oregon
1860 REED James
Mary Clatsup Oregon
1860 RUNDLE Louis
Elizabeth Clatsup Oregon
1862 SHANK Franklin SHUCK Clarissa Clatsup Oregon
1862 WHITE John Presley TAYLOR Jane Clatsup Oregon
1859 WILSON Louis FISHER August F. Clatsup Oregon