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If you have a name or historical event in Oregon that you would like to see here that you contact me.

Books about Oregon. (PDF's)

Oregon Pioneers

Oregon Pioneers Families 1850

Oregon History Stories published 1938

Oregon Trail Links

Oregon Historic Fires Links

Good Government Congress The Jackson County Rebellion

Edmund Creffield and the Brides of Christ Church

Chinese Americans in Oregon

Chinese Massacre at Deep Creek

Coxey's Army

Carnegie Libraries in Oregon

Champagne Riot of 1866

Community of ZigZag

John M. Epley, M.D.

4 News articles with names from the Salmon River Area

Some people who shaped Oregon

George Abernethy (1807-1877) Oregon's first and only provisional governor, winning election in 1845 and 1847.

Joseph Lane (1801-1881) First governor of the Oregon Territory.

Mark O. Hatfield (1922-2011) Born in Dallas, became legislator, secretary of state, US senator & governor

Beatrice Morrow Cannady (1889-1974) An amazing woman and Editor of the Advocate Newspaper in Portland.

Sarah Winnemucca (184?-1891)

Victor Charles West (1921-2002)