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 Brief History:

 Klamath County was established on Oct. 17, 1882. It was created from the western part of Lake County and named after a
 tribe of Indians that white travelers called the Klamath, also spelled Clammite.

 The Klamath or Clamitte tribe of Indians, for which Klamath County was named, are the descendants of varying cultures of
 indigenous peoples, who have lived in the area for more than 10,000 years.

 When European-Americans began to travel through the area in 1846 along the Applegate Trail, they competed with the
 Klamath for game and water, which precipitated clashes between the peoples. This was exacerbated by European-American
 settlers, who cleared the land to farm and encroached on hunting territory. They were successful in demanding the removal of
 American Indians to reservations.

 The Modoc people, having been removed to Oregon to share a reservation with the Klamath, traditional rivals, wanted a
 reservation created on Lost River, near present-day Merrill, Oregon. Captain Jack led his band back to Lost River, but the US
 Army, accompanied by militia and citizens of Linkville (present-day Klamath Falls) arrived and convinced Captain Jack to
 return. An argument broke out, shots were fired, and the Modoc War began as the Modoc fled to Captain Jack's Stronghold in
 northern California.

 A treaty was signed with the Klamath on October 14, 1864, which led to the establishment of the Klamath Reservation. At
 various times over the next 40 years, different individuals of the Modoc tribe were settled within the reservation.

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