Morrow County Chronicles II, 1983

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1         The Minor Family by Ruth McCabe
4        The Mountain Valley Stock Farm by Helen Currin
6        Music and the Erwins by Joy Erwin Sanders and Inez Erwin
9        Quick Sand by Zetta Brosnan
10        Pioneer Family of the Year, Albert & Julia Wright, by Justine Weatherford
16        4,000 Witnessed fir Rodeo by Inez Erwin
20        Neighbors (John Jordan)
21        Hardman Information by Adrain Bechdolt
24        Indian Uprising Letter loaned by Pauline and Eb Hughes
31        Postal Service in Morrow County by Lorene Griffith
37        How Matt Hughes Came to America by Eb Hughes
38        Picture Essay (Oregon State Fair)
43        Cupper, Capon, McDuffee, Wright, and Others
47        An Amusing Story by Eb Hughes
48        Recent Books of Interest by Justine Weatherford
50        Blackhorse Canyon
50        Freezout Ridge


Cover    Oscar Minor
5       Mountain Valley Stock Farm
8       Erwin Familyl Orchestra
11    Julia Wright and Albert Wright
14    Effie (Wright) and Frank Gilliam
18    Early Day Cowboys
19    Heppner Rodeo, 1922
22    Hardman
35    Map of Morrow County Post Offices
39    Dry Farm Exhibit, 1916
40    Morrow county State Fair Booth, 1916
41    Burton Peck's Dryland Display, 1913
42    Morrow County State Fair Booth, 1905

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