Morrow County Chronicles IV, 1985

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1          Woolery House by Lucile Peck
5          Tracking and Hunting People by Carl McDaniel
6          The Woman in the Box by Carl McDaniel
8          Tenth Century Farm Plaque Awarded (McCabe/Olden)
10        Emma Breshears, Postmaster by Lucile Peck
15        A Bit of History about the Morrow county Fair by Merlyn Robinson
16        Gazette Times February 11, 1897 (Cal Robinson)
17        The Indian uprising of 1878 by Helen Currin
21        Pleasant Pont Cemetery by Helen Currin
23        Morrow County School Districts by Jean Nelson
25        Rules for Teachers 1872
26        Rice and Davis Grist Mill
28        You Know You're in a Small Town When by Merlyn Robinson
29        Gazette Times February 11, 1897 (Bock)
30        Morrow county Centennial Essays
31        An Important Pioneer (Doherty) by Barney Lindsay        
32        Ben Swaggart by Amy Wagenblast
34        Farming During The Depression by Jill Nelson
35        Swaggart Buttes
37        Pioneer Family of 1985 (Andrew Carlson) by Justine Weatherford
44        New Heppner Hotel by Inez Erwin
48        Heppner Gazette  January, February 1897


Cover    The Wollery House
2        Helen Vilott Woolery, 1905
3        Joseph Augustus Wollery, 1892
7        Carl McDaniel, 1878
9        Alonzo McCabe and his cousin
11        Emma and Charles Breshears
12        Case Fuqua and Charles Breshears
13        Emma Breshears and her father
14        Post office, variety store
20        Painting, Battle of Willow Springs painted by Olive Bush Swaggart
22        Map, Morrow County School Districts
26        Grist Wheel
27        Davis and Burgoyne flour mill, 1885
27        Lexington Snowflake Flour Mill
36        Andrew and Sophia Carlson
38        The daughters of Andrew and Sophia Carlson
40        Plowing on the Andrew Carlson farm
42        Louis Carlson and cultivator
47        The Heppner Hotel

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