Morrow County Chronicles Volume I, 1981

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1       Morrow County
2       Heppner School House by Harold Becket
5       Politics 1884 by Pauline and Ebb Hughes
6       HEPPNER TIMES, 1903  
7       Early Day Rodeo by Jerry Brosnan
11     Clarence LeRoy Andrews by Delpha Jones
14     Slab Wood Sawing Accident by Herman Green
16     Frank S. Parker by Frances Mitchel
21     Morrow County Cemeteries
23    Settlers Along the Oregon Trail by Lorene Griffith
28    Prehistoric Citizens in Morrow County by Lucile Peck
33    Canoe Encampment Rapids
34    School Bus by Faye Ruhl
35    Genealogy - What it Means to Me by Louise Keene
38    Cowins Dam on Willow Creek by Herman Green
39    Old West Shoot-Out by Sam McMillan
42    Tales of Yore by Della McCurdy
49    Coal in Morrow County by Frances Mitchell
51    The First Emigrant Train to Oregon by Justine Weatherford
56    HEPPNER TIMES, 1903
57    Local History Contest, 1925 by Inez Erwin
59    Recommended Reading
60    Cason Canyon


Cover  Heppner School built in 1892
1    Jackson L. Morrow
3    Heppner School ca 1902
4    Heppner School ca 1880
8    Heppner Rodeo, 1922
9    Cowboys, Woodward place, Billy Straight
9    Cowboys, Woodward place, Jack French, Roland Goff and Walden Straight
15    Mrs. A.M. Slocum 's Millinery Shop ca 1890's
18    Frank S. Parker and Gertrude Crawford
20    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Parker
24    Mr. & Mrs. William Cecil and Mr. & Mrs. D.L. Eachary
26    W.B. Ewing Ranch, 1914
27    William Ewing family
33    Pre-Historic campsite in Blue Mountains
34    Veda and Zelma Bundy, 1927
41    Office Saloon in Lexington
46    Lewis Davidson and Ella Lovgren

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