Morrow County Chronicles IV, 1985

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1       Social Ridge School District #53 by Alma Green
3       The One-Room School by Alma Green
7       Columbia Basin Electric (REA) by Bill Gentry
17     Heppner Reminiscence, 1920-26 by Bud Launtz
23     Political Postcard
25     The Anson Wright Century Farm by Jean Nelson
27     William Henry Padberg by Griffith, Ledbetter, Denney
33     Indian Petroglyphs at Irrigon by Don V. Eppenbach
36     Eline's Chocolate
37     Morrow County Early Day Settlements by Lorene Griffith
39     Lena Community by Marian Brosnan
42     History of Pine City from about 1900 by Faye Finch
44     More on Pine City by Helen Currin
45     Morrow County Museum Mementos by Marsha Sweek
49     William B. and Mollie Tucker by Edith Tucker Castle
54     Historic Homes of Ione by Ruth McCabe and Jean Nelson
64     The Effect of the Oregon Trail in Morrow county by Connie Leslie

Frontispiece Social Ridge School (Teacher May Severance Campbell, Ferra
Ried, Arthur Campbell, Gladys Green, Edna Fridley, Ralph Green, Annie Cork,
Catie Fridley (Padberg)

4       Social Ridge, 1911
5       Camas Prairie Certificate
6       Iced line, down line
14     Harley Young, Dave Harrison
16     Bill Gentry
18     Elna and Bud Launtz
24     Anson and Ida Wright
26     William and Mary Padberg
31     Home of William and Mary Padberg
32     Padberg threshing machine
35     Irrigon petroglyph
47     Depression glass display
47     Depression, carnival glass
48     William and Mollie Tucker
54     Ring house
55     Engleman house
56     Crabtree house
57     Ellis house
58     Padberg House
59     Blake house
60     Bristow house
61     Key house
62     O'Connor house
63     Nicholson house

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