Morrow County Chronicles VI, 1987

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1         Rachel Harnett
3        The Morrow County Court House by Justine Weatherford
10        Pine City Community  1862 by Neva Neil and Lila Myers
13        Civilian Conservation Corps by Marian Brosnan
17        Christmas Dolls by Ruth McCabe
21        Cecil Bridge by Lorrine Griffith
25        Menzo and Mary Jane Olden by Charlette Lundell
31        An Oregon Heart by Darlene Arrington
32        St Patrick's Centennial by Justine Weatherford
34        Early Life in Oregon by Sylvia Smith McDaniel
35        First Citizens, 1987 (Jane Rawlins and Larry Mills)  by Justine Weatherford
36        The Harman Section by G. Bleakman and J. F. Royse
39        Brands by Jean Bennett
                Lindsen, Lovgren, Beamer, Peck, Wilkinson, Thompson, Bailey, Glavey, Currin
                Krebs, Emert, Green, Wilkinson, Campbell, Ashbeck, Bennett
42        The Bill Grant Story by Carl McDaniel
44        Heppner Gazette ads, 1902
45        Heppner Oregon Scrip by Alma Green and Lucile Peck
53        Sunday Drive Ends in Tragedy (Brian Ahalt, Nora Wright)
55        Boardman by Sam H. Boardman
61        Heppner Gazette ads, 1902
64        Henry Heppner (1831-1905) by Harold Becket
72        Junior Poem, 1916, by Altha E. Devin

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