Morrow County Chronicles XIX, 2000

Table of Contents

Page        Title

1                  A Century of Power by Merlyn Robinson

13                Ione, Then and Now by Ruth McCabe

21                Changing Times by Mildred Baker

24                The Last Century in Irrigon by Chester A. Wilson

29                Early Wheat Growing in Morrow County by Jean Nelson

43                Heppner Flour Mill by Archie and Jeanette Padberg

51                Morrow County's Cattle Industry by Merlyn Robinson

59                The C. A. Rhea Family by Kathryn Hoskins

63                Banks Face Hardship by Doris Brosnan

71                The Morrow County Museum by Lucile Peck


3             Heppner steam-powered generating plant
4             Inside Heppner Light and Water Company plant
9             Columbia Basin Electric Cooperative
10            Ione, Oregon
11            Map of 19th Century Ione
12            Ione, Oregon
20            Ione School / Last train out of South Morrow County
23            Russell Miller / Harold Baker
28            Olden Ranch
30            White water barge
32            Heppner Warehouse
33            Jordan Elevator
37            Will Palmateer outfit
38            Pearl Wright / Stacking wheat / Stationary separator
39            Ben Bushke thresher
39            Burton Peck and crew
40            Cook house
40            "Hal" Ely Ranch
41            Dwight Misner Ranch
42            Mrs. Dwight Misner
42            Norman Nelson
45            Heppner Flouring Mill
46            Construction of the millrace
47            Millrace
48            Unidentified man at Heppner Flouring Mill
49            Heppner Flour Mill flour sack lock
50            West branding operation
56            Fred Hoskins moving cattle
57            Jim Norene moving herd of Jone's cattle through Heppner
58            C.A. Rhea / First National Bank of Heppner
70            Wedding dress exhibit at museum
70            Indian Artifacts
72            Beauty shop exhibit at museum
73            Dining room exhibit at museum
73            Kitchen exhibit at museum
74            Kitchenware exhibit at museum
74            Animal exhibit at museum

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