Morrow County Chronicles XVIII, 1999

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1            Morrow County Court Judges by Lucile Peck

15           Willow Creek Chronicle by Elinor Cohn Shank

21            The Allstotts of Morrow County

25            Harold and Mildred Baker by Mildred Baker

27            The Notson Family by Jean Nelson

31            Houses with a Past by Jean Nelson

43            Peterson's Jewelers by Doris Brosnan

45            Lexington School by Eva Wilcox Brosten

53            Irrigon City Hall by Don Eppenbach

55            West Extension Irrigation District by Bev Bridgewater


3            Alba Bartholomew
4            Thomas Ayers
5            William Campbell
6            Ralph Benge
8            Oscar Peterson
9            Paul Jones
10           Delwin Nelson
11            Donald McElligott
12            Louis Carlson
13            Terry Tallman
16            Elinor and Phill Cohn
19            Henrietta and Elinor Cohn
20            Robert E. Alstott Family
26            Harold Baker Family
28            Samuel and Robert Notson
29            Charles and Robert Notson
29            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Notson and President and Mrs. Johnson
30            Notson House
33            Methodist Manse
35            Penland House after the flood
36            Penland House
38            Yeager House
38            Campbell House
40            Campbell Family, four generations
42            O.J. Peterson/Mr. and Mrs. Peterson and Randall
46            Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wilcox
46            Robert Wilcox in uniform
47            Lexington School/ Lexington School Room
50            Lexington School
54            Irrigon City Hall-School
56            Oregon Land and Irrigation Co. Canal
57            Umatilla and Columbia Rivers Junction
59            Construction work on West Extension Irrigation District Canal
60            Completed West Extension Irrigation District Main Canal
61            Tom Thumb Wedding
62            Unidentified friends

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