Morrow County Chronicles Volume XVI, 1997

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1          Eskelson Clarks Canyon House by Eva Wilcox Brosten
10        Rattlesnakes in Clarks Canyon by Alma Green
16        Henry Heppner Anniversary
18        Opal butte by Jean Nelson
22        Morrow County Prehistory by Tami Meador Sneddon
27        Oregon Trail Camp Food by Lucile Peck
31        Pioneer Recipes
32        Biz's Home-Made Mustard
34        Demolition of the Fair Building by Tami Sneddon
43        4,000 Witness First Rodeo, Heppner Gazette-Times, reprint
46        John and Louise Wood Donation by Morrow County Museum
48        Elks Celebrate 100th Anniversary by Morrow County Museum
52        Cheers! by Morrow County Museum


Frontispiece    Cleo Eva Eskelson from Alma Green
3          Eskelson home  - Alma Green
9          Moving the Eskelson house to Lexington ,1974  - Alma Green
15        Northern Packfic Rattlesnake - Audubon Society, Field Guide to Reptiles
17        Henry Heppner - Morrow County Museum Collection
17        Early Heppner - Morrow County Museum Photo Collection
20        Closeup of Shaner Cave #1 - Dale Huett
21        Cave #1 - Dale Huet
21        Current mining methods - Dale Huett
22        Mammoth (artist's rendering)
24        Beginning the dig on tusk - Tami Sneddon
26        Tusk found by Dick Meador  - Tami Sneddon
33        Biz's Mustard - Shirley McNary
36        The Fair Bldg, ca 1902 - Morrow County Museum Photo Collection
42        The Fair/Case Building was build of native brick - Morrow County Museum Photo Collection 
42        Exposed and battered - Heppner Gazette Times
45        First official Heppner Rodeo - Morrow County Museum Collection
46        Exhibit showcases Wood donation
47        Home Comfort storve is centerpiece of exhibit - Lucile Peck
49        Heppner Elks Lodge - Morrow County Museum Photo Collection
50        Menu and program from Institution dinner - Morrow County Museum Collection
51        A large part of the Membership of Heppner Lodge - Morrow County Museum Photo Collection
53        Heppner High School , 1921-1922 - Morrow County Museum Collection

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