Morrow County Chronicles XV, 1996

Table of Contents


1            History of Morrow County Sheep Industry by Darlene Hoskins

26         Sheepherders by Carlene Krebs West

27        The Summer Family by Ruth Dinges Acklen

35        Heppner's Early Brewer, J. B. Natter by Tami Sneddon

37        Early Churches in Morrow County by Lorene Griffith

46        Dan and Doris Brosnan

47        Portrait of a Pioneer (Dee Cox) by Theresa Pihl

51        A Granddaughter's Glimpse into the Home of Franklin Dee and Lizzie Cox by Francis Cox Griffin

58        The Tash Story by Zaida Tash McClard

61        The Reaney Family of Lexington by Robert R. (Bob) Reaney

68        Heppner Gazette-Times, August 24, 1972 by Charles and Dorothy Heard

74        Kinzua- Place of Many Fishes by Lucile Peck



Frontispiece    Wool team on Heppner Main Street

2          It is estimated that there are 10,00 sheep visible

9        Mary Corrigal Hoskins with Fred Hoskins, Jr.

9        Darlene Biddle Hoskins with seventy bummer lambs

18        Shearing sheep

19        Sheep on mountain range

25        Mary Corrigal Hoskins with sheep

29        Joseph L. Gibson and Minnie Ann Summer

30        Bertha Summer Dinges

34        Eli and Rhoda King Summer

45        Ione Congregational Church, 1896

46        Doris and Dan Brosnan   

48        It is said that Dee (Cox) never missed a parade

57        The Cox home place on upper Hinton Creek

62        Andrew Alva and Margaret Hulda Stamper Reaney

64        Edith May, Hazel, Nellie, Hattie, Della Mary, Pearl Reaney

77        Kinzua Bridge

77        Wetmore home, Warren, PA

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