Morrow County Chronicles X, 1991

Table of Contents

Page    Title

1        Swaggart Creamolines by Eva Brosten
9        Pearl Harbor Attack, 50th Anniversary by Alma Green
13        Morrow County Men Killed in Action
            Prisoners of War:

    14        Michael Benge
    17        Paul Brown
    18        Ralph Currin
    23        Clayton Davis
    24        Norman Beryl Griffin
    25        Ralph Skoubo
    29        Henry "Hank" Stotts
30        Welcome from Harry Truman
31        From Pillow to Post by Ruth McCaleb
37        The Story of Early Day Hardman by Ivan H. Severance
45        Toll Road, Monument to Heppner by Jean Nelson
47        Dallas Ward by Lucile Peck
51        Osmin Ranch and Family History by Al Osmin
54        A Swede's Novel Way of Beating the Railroad submitted by Eva Brosten
55        The Eddie Chinn Story by Helen Currin and Jean Nelson
60        The Roberts Building by Jean Nelson
64        Gooseberry School by Wally Lundell
70        Coal Mine Hill by Eva Brosten
74        The Spokane Floods by Lucile Peck
78        Heppner's First Schools by Rachel Harnett
82        Gazette Clipping, 1892 School fire
83        The Heppner-Blackman Safe by Elinor Cohn Shank
85        Morrow County Museum Dioramas
87        Discovery Bay 19 mine by Lucile Peck
91        History of Irrigation by Bridget McElligott


Cover:    Prize Creamoline - Swaggart
5          Creamolines trained for circus act
40        Ivan Severance
44        Anna and Ivan Severance
46        Allen Place
46        Rock inscribed "Toll Road"
48        Dallas Ward
48        Dallas Ward, Velle Ward
50        Albert W. Osmin, Emma Brundage Osmin
53        Osmin Ranch
56        Elkhorn Restaurant
58        Eddie Chinn
61        Roberts Building, IOOF Building
77        Ice-rafted granite boulder
79        Heppner School on Gale Street
80        First graduation class of Heppner
84        Interior of Heppner - Blackman safe
85        Museum dioramas

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