Early Day Cowboys and Races
by Kathleen Hisler


1986 Morrow County Chronicles, Volume V
Page 58-59
Morrow County Historical Society

    In 1921-22, the rodeo was organized with V. Gentry as the first manager.  C.W. McNamer also helped in promoting this enterprise and served as its second manager.  Majorie (Clark) Riding was selected as the first Rodeo Queen.

    The Fair and Rodeo has been held annually since 1930 when it was moved to the recent rodeo-fair grounds on Hinton Creek [in Heppner].  This acreage was acquired by the county in trading the land that is now the City Park on North Main Street for the CCC Camp location, which had been vacated.

    Ralph Jones, son of Ed Jones, husband of Ola Jones, was a jockey and rode in the races.  Kathleen Hisler remembers a race track in the area where the Willow Creek Dam is located where races were held in 1921-22.  This location was above the Hagers' on the Rita Thrope place, Ola Jones' niece.  She remembers some of the first cowboys as Art Minor, Les Matlock, and Jones.  Around 1910, races and events were held at Parker's Mill...

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