"Pleasant Point Cemetery" - Morrow County Chronicles IV, 1985
by Helen Currin

    Now that the story about the Indian Uprising  is over, I will go back to the Pleasant Point Cemetery story.
    Sadness prevailed in September 1878 as Diphtheria swept through the Lena community.  Five children of the Crawford family--Elva age 9, Willie 1 year, Archie 5 years, Ella 4 years, and Allie 7 years, all died within 10 days.  Friends said the family would come to the cemetery to bury one child only to return home to find another child dead.  One wonders how the parents endured the tragedy.
    Following are many familiar family names to be found on the head stones--Kenny, Johnson, Newman, Vinson, Vincent, Robertson, Coxen, Howard, Pettyjohn, and many others.
    Elmer Hake who died at age 19 with complications brought on by a previous injury, and also an injury from football is buried there.
    Many young mothers and babies died at childbirth as medicine and medical care were limited in those years.  Tombstones date back to the 1870's--115 years ago.  Among the oldest headstones is Martha Vinson, wife of George Vinson.  She died at age 23 in 1875.
    No recent burials have been made there.  Morrow County Cemetery Commission takes care of the lots, maintains the fence and makes certain that the ground is mowed each year before Memorial Day.  This is greatly appreciated by the relatives.

Morrow County Chronicles 1985

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