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My name is Martha and I will be your host for "all things Crook".
I do not live in Oregon, but have roots deep in her soil.
I am an experienced online researcher and will do my best to answer questions and perhaps
help locate that missing piece of your 'Ancestral Pie'.
I can be contacted via email:
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History of Crook County [Wiki]
Crook County Neighbors:
Deschutes ~ Jefferson ~ Wheeler
Grant ~ Harney
Crook County Towns:
Combs Flat, Forest Crossing, Lone Pine, Mc Allister
O'Neil, Paulina, Post, Powell Butte, Prineville, Roberts, Suplee

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The Oregon Encyclopedia: Crook County
Cities, Census Designated Places & Unincorporated Communities: Crook County

Historical and Biographical Records

"An Illustrated History of
Central Oregon
Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler,
Crook, Lake and Klamath Counties"
Western Historical Publishing Company
Spokane, Wash: 1905

Crook County Biographies: "History of Central OR"
The Index is Here
Read Online or Download
Geneology Trails has some Bios

North American Family Biographies ~ Appleton's Biographies

"An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon"
H. K. Hines, Author; Published by Lewis Pub. Co.,
Chicago, 1893
There is no index, use the above link to search the pdf

"The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912 "
Volume's II.III,IV
The S J Clark Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912
Bio Index is at the back of Vol IV
Below is a list of 'Crook Folk'
Bushnell, Robert D, P 373 ~ Hindman, William C, P 95 ~ Olcott, Ben W, P 236
Osborn, Margaret A, P 256 ~ Sears. James. A, P 755 ~ Spike, Elmer S, P 69

"Oregon Native Son"
Publication with Bio's and Sketches
1899-1900 Index
The Books can be downloaded
or I will send pages of interest.

There are a lot of 'Family Histories' in the FS Book portion of the FS WebSite.
To access them:
Log in, Search, Books.
Enter County of Choice, a list comes up.
To the left is a list of parameters:
There are 'levels of access' the ones marked "Public" or Full Permission"
can be read online or downloaded

Oregon Base Map ~ Oregon Territory Map 1852
David Rumsey ~ Historic Map & Atlas Collection
Perry-Castaneda ~ Map Collection ~ Earthquake Fault Maps
American Georgaphical Society Library - Digital Map Collection
Humboldt State University Map Collection
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Oregon~ Railroad Maps
And, of course, Google Earth ~ "MapGoose"
Topo of Crook County
"Oregon - Geo Hazards Viewer"

Trails West & Mining History
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Oregon Mining Maps
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
Ghost Towns, Mining Camps and Historical Sites
The Volcano's of Oregon

Map Resource: Subscription Database
I have access to the Library Edition of
'Historic Map Works'
Metsker's Maps, 1938 - Index
Metsker's Maps, 1954 - Index

All the files can be found here: IceDrive
[Note: The files are large,
You might want to download them for further study.]
The indexes are for Plat Maps, which give the owner's names as well as Business locations
I am happy to do lookups and send pages of interest.
Contact: Martha

What's New
Updated: Obituaries
"HeritageHub" [Includes NewsBank]
Updated: February 1921 to November 2022
Lookups Available: Contact Martha

Lookups and Queries
I have access to the following Subscription Databases
Fold 3, My Heritage & Find My Past
Heritage Hub ~ Access World News
American Civil War Research Database
Confederate Newspapers ~ NewsBank
Heritage Quest ~ My Heritage
Lookups: Contact Martha

If you wish to post Genealogical or Historical Queries online,
try the Ancestry Message Boards. Use this Link

Vital Records ~ Cemeteries ~ 'Old Crook County' Files ~Obituaries
B ~ M ~ D's

The 'obvious locations' for online vital record indexes and imaged documents will be included here as general links.
The created indexes are from both free and 'pay-per-view'
sites and are identified as such.
Lookups are available if you do not have subscriptions.
Family Search: Births, Marriages, Deaths
Please use this Link for current requirements for availability of OR Vital Records
FS Oregon Birth Records: 1860-1952 Searchable Index
Oregon Deaths, 1842-1952 and Delayed Births, 1844-1914

B - M - D's, may also be recorded in Archival Newspapers: Lookups
Chronicling America is Free, so is the
Historic Oregon Newspaper Collection
and Google Archived Newspapers
Historic Oregon Newspapers

Below are Indexes for Multiple Databases on FS
The basic criteria for the Search is Born in Crook County
Crook County Births: 1868 > 1929
Crook County Marriages
Crook County Deaths
Crook County Obituaries

Marriage Records
There is a FS Book on Early Crook County Marriages
Crook County, Oregon, marriages, 1882-1890
aka: Oregon, Crook County marriages, 1882-1890
Statement of Responsibility:
Transcribed by Marjorie Tracy [Author]
Salem, Oregon : End of Trail Researchers, 1978
I have downloaded the book, it may be found here

There are LDS Films for Marriage Records for Crook Co., 'Neighbors'
Rememember that many times "Folks ran away to be married"
Unfortunately they are in the 'Historical Image Section and, for the most part,
are not indexed as searchable in the traditional FS Search.
So... Here is a chart for both Marriage & Death Records
Crook Neighbors: Marriage & Death Records:
FS Historical Images
There are over 1000 Death Record Films for Grant County, Use this Link.
There are 61 Marriage Record Films for Grant County, Use this Link.
There are 230 Death Record Films for Harney: Please use this Link for the pdf Chart
Please use this link for Crook County Neighbors: Marriage and Death Record Films

There are Divorce Records for Oregon
Oregon Divorce Records: 1925-1968
[In Misc Vitals Directory]


Death ~ Coroner ~ Burial Records
There are Death Record Films in the FS Catalog.
Unfortuantely they are only available at a FHL Center.
Here is the Link for the list of Films. 1903-1970
Here is an index for Death Certificates
Here is an index for Coroner Records
Here is an index for Folks born in Crook County, but died elsewhere

A huge collection of Death Certificates!
This link is for the actual Images: Organized by Year
The indexes for them have been reformatted for easier searching.
The complete index is here
Happy Hunting!

Cemetery, Funeral Home and Burial Records
I did not find any Cem info in the old Crook Files
But, that said, there are DAR Cemetery Records in the FS Catalog.

>>>Old Cemetery Records<<<

Geneology Trails has a list of Cemeteries & Locations
Please Use This Link for Gen Trails: Crook County

Cemetery Name Changes:
Source: "Prineville Funeral Home, Index" [Dodge, Sharon B] 1992-1993
AF & AM ~ City Cemetery ~IOOF
Masonic ~ Old City ~ Prineville
All Combined into Juniper Haven Cemetery, Prineville, OR
Willow Creek > Grizzly Cemetery, Grizzly, OR
Rim Rock > Grey Butte Cemetery, SE of Culver, OR
Hale > IOOF, NE of Culver, OR
Spring 1894 - 19 May 1942

The whole book can be downloaded from the FS Catalog
Please use this link, after you log into your FS Account
While it does not have the actual grave information, it does contain Names & Burial Locations

>>>Old Cemetery Records<<<
"Compiled by the Genealogy Committee of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints"
Prineville Branch, Prineville, Oregon, 1966
See FS Catalog for Transcriptions using the Film Numbers

Oregon Burial Site Guide
Compiled by: Dean H Bryd
Co-Compiled by Stanley R Clarke & Janice M Healy
Binford & Mort Publishing, Portland Oregon, 2001
Permission to use on the ORGenWeb given by:
Mr Stanley R Clarke.
The Introduction and key can be found here.
/ Indexes Here

Crook County Pages can be found here. [PDF's]

F~A~G : Born: Benton, Clackamas, Crook, Multnomah
Tillamook & Washington Counties
Died or Buried in Canada
Burial At Sea or other Locations
USGW Archive Indexes.
or use FS and Search all of F~A~G
Billion Graves on FS or
Obituaries ~ Memorial Cards ~ Obits from Newspapers
Memorial Cards & Newspaper Obits:
Claypool, Betty ~ Dickman, Pat ~ Green, Bob ~ Green, Eileen
Gardiner, Molly & Wood, Marj

"Obituaries from the Old Crook County Files"
A - L / M - Z [Reformatted for easier access]
Here is the index for the above files

Obituaries: FS Database Indexes
OR Obits on my IceDrive
Idaho Obituary Collection, 1868 - 2013 [Anc]
Idaho Obituaries, 2 FS Databases
[B: Clackamas & Washington Co's]
San Diego, CA Union-Tribune, 1993 - 1994 [Anc]

Obituaries, gleaned from Genealogy Bank,
B: Oregon, Died in San Luis Obispo County
Lookups Newspapers

Vital Records Books: Family Search Catalog
Here is a series of booklets published in Wyoming: 1912 > 2006
"Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY "
Compiler: Anna Lee Woffinden
Catagories: Engagements, Marriages, Deaths, News Articles & Obituaries for Oregon. Here is the Index. DDownload the booklets yourself from FS

"Pahrump, Nevada Genealogical Society Obits 1970-2009: Published: 2010"
Digital copies of obituaries for people with some connection to Pahrump, Nevada.
Individuals may have lived and or died in many different states."br class="auto-style293"The Linked Chart gives the years available and a clickable link.
There are indexes and each book is searchable
or available to download.
The Chart can be found here

And a big thanks to both Jan & Rose for their
diligent work making the Crook County portion
of the ORGenWeb a great place to find that
''elusive family member'

Military ~ BLM ~ Native Americans ~ Odds and Ends ~ Family Search: Historical Images

Military Records and Resources Modern Wars and Casualty Lists

 "Soldiers Of The Great War"
In three Volumes
Compiled by:
W M Haulsee, F G Howe, A C Doyle
Soldiers Record Publishing Association,
Washington, D C: Copyright, 1920

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
[Mid-Continent Library - Subscription Site]

This file has a listing of the Information
, Types, etc
followed by an Index of the Generals.
I am happy to do lookups, some of the information:
[Biographical of the Generals in the list] may be found by doing Google Searches,
but it will not be the handwritten reports. Martha
Other Military Databases 1890 Veteran's Schedule ~ Actual Images [Crook]


Military: Family Search / Ancestry

Here is the link for all of the Oregon Files
New: IceDrive

Search Criteria: For the Military Data below:
"Born in Oregon"

Homes for Disabled Veterans, 1866 > 1938
Iowa, WWII Bonus Case Files for Beneficiaries, 1947-1959 [Anc]
Iowa, Armed Forces Grave Registrations, 1835-1998 [FS]
Pennsylvania, WWI Veterans Service & Compensation Files, 1917-19, 1934-48 [Anc]
Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Application Files, WWII, 1950-1966 [Anc]
Registers of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812 - 1934 [Anc]
US, Registers of Deaths in the Regular Army, 1860-1889
U.S. Military and Naval Academies, Cadet Records & Applications, 1800-1908 [Anc]
U.S., Lists of Merchant Seamen Lost in WWI, 1914-1919 [Anc]
Washington, Soldier Home Records, 1891-1945 [FS]
World War II, Prisoners of War, 1943 - 1946 [NH] Anc
"Military Rolls" Crook County
These indexes are in the FS Catalog:
Here is a Chart with the Alpha Info, Years, and Image Ranges Military Databases on Family Search: Crook County

Note: If you are curious why so many men died
on 17 June 1877 in Idaho.

Military Forts in Oregon
'Search the GAR' ~ 'Search the DAR' ~ 'Search the SAR'

More 'Oregon Only' Military Records Here
Military Headstone Applications Burial Records: National Cemeteries
This Index is for Folks who died in Oregon and were buried
in National Cemeteries: Dates of Death: 1927 > 1950
Note: There are records up to 1960 on Ancestry
The National Cemetery Grave Locator has current Records

Native American Resources
Tribes of Oregon
"Our Native Americans and their records of genealogical value"
3 Volumes
Kirkham, E Kay, Author, 1980
Everton Publishers, Logan Utah
The books can be downloaded here.

"Indians of the northwest" [Washington, Oregon and Idaho]
Digital Book, FS, Published: 1968 by BIA

BIA Agency Records, 1879-1951~ Digital Images, FS Library

"Muster Rolls: Early Indian Wars of Oregon"
Pub: 1894 / Francis Fuller Victor
Access through FS : Books

Records & Information found in the "Old Crook Co Files"
BLM Records:
1870 > 1899: A - K
/ L - Z
1900 > 1904 ~ 1906 > 1910 ~ 1911 > 1915
"Old Timers"

 Family Search: Historical Images  
FS adds new records and images on a regular basis.

The following Chart will help you get a handle on information that could be of value to your search for Family data.
The Chart below lists the type of record, the Film # and the Dates of the Records
The Films on the Chart below are an extension of the Vital Records linked above.

To access the Historical Images, log into your FS Account:
Click on Search, then at the top of the page: Historical Images:
Enter Locatiion of Choice
Use the chart above will help you with local resources.
Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number of interest from the Chart in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.
Time Frame: 1881 > 1904 / Location: Crook County proper
Note: Draft Registrations & Federal Census Records are not included

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