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   My name is Martha and I will be your host for "all things Sherman".
I do not live in Oregon, but have roots deep in her soil.
I am an experienced online researcher and will do my best to answer questions and perhaps help find that eluisve ancestor.

I can be contacted via email:
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Our Thanks to Constance for her dedication and dilligence for Sherman County.
Brief History: Sherman County: Wiki
New: Familypedia
Early History of Sherman County [Thanks Norma]

Sherman County Neighbors:
Wasco ~ Gilliam
Shares a Corner with Wheeler
It also borders the Columbia River

The Cities of Sherman County
Biggs Junction Locust Grove
De Moss Springs McDonald
Erskine Monkland
Grass Valley Moro (county seat)
Harmony Rufus
Kent Rutledge
Klondike Wasco

Search Sherman County
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The Oregon History Project: Sherman County
The Oregon Encyclopedia: Sherman County

Oregon Base Map ~ Oregon Territory Map 1852
David Rumsey ~ Historic Map & Atlas Collection
Perry-Castaneda ~ Map Collection ~ Earthquake Fault Maps
American Georgaphical Society Library
Digital Map Collection

Humboldt State University Map Collection
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Oregon~ Railroad Maps
And, of course, Google Earth ~ Bing Satellite Mapping

I have access to the Library Edition of 'Historic Map Works'
Metsker Maps: Sherman Co., 1934 & 1980 Streets
Ogle Atlas: 1913 - Index & Illustrations - Files are Here
Individual Scans of Pages: Contact Martha

Trails West & Mining History
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Oregon Mining Maps~ Stone Quarries and Beyond
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
Mining Camps and Historical Sites
The Volcanoes of Oregon

Native American's
The Tillamook Tribes of Oregon

Our Native Americans and their records of genealogical value
3 Volumes
Kirkham, E Kay, Author, 1980
Everton Publishers, Logan Utah
The books can be downloaded here.

Indians of the northwest [Washington, Oregon and Idaho]
Digital Book, FS, Published: 1968 by BIA

BIA Agency Records, 1879-1951~ Digital Images, FS Library

Muster Rolls:  Early Indian Wars of Oregon
Pub: 1894 / Francis Fuller Victor
Access through FS : Books

Native American Treaties, Northern Oregon

Central Oregon "Range Wars"
"The Modoc War" ~ Indian Wars
"The Yaquina Bay Oyster War"
Historical and Military Resources
An Illustrated History of
Central Oregon
Wasco, Sherman, Gilliam, Wheeler,
Crook, Lake and Klamath Counties
Western Historical Publishing Company
Spokane, Wash: 1905
Sherman County Biographies - Index
Read Online or Download

"Oregon Native Son"

Publication with Bio's and Sketches
1899-1900 Index
The Books can be downloaded
or I will send pages of interest.

There are a lot of 'Family Histories' in the
FamilySearch Book portion of the FS WebSite.
To access them:
Log in, Search, Books.
Enter County of Choice, a list comes up.
To the left is a list of parameters:
There are 'levels of access' the ones marked
"Public" or Full Permission" can be read online or downloaded.

Modern Wars and Casualty Lists

Soldiers Of The Great War
In three Volumes

Compiled by: 
W M Haulsee, F G Howe, A C Doyle

Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 
Washington, D C: Copyright, 1920

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals
Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
[Mid-Continent Library - Subscription Site]

This file has a listing of the Information, Types, etc
followed by an Index of the Generals.

I am happy to do lookups, some of the information [Biographical of the Generals in the list] may be found by doing Google Searches, but it will not be the handwritten reports. Martha

Other Military Databases Gleaned from Family Search and Ancestry
[Lookups available if you do not have access]

Search Criteria: For the Data below:
"Born in Oregon"

Homes for Disabled Veterans, 1866 > 1938
Iowa, WWII Bonus Case Files for Beneficiaries, 1947-1959 [Anc]

Iowa, Armed Forces Grave Registrations, 1835-1998 [FS]
Pennsylvania, WWI Veterans Service & Compensation Files, 
1917-19, 1934-48 [Anc]

Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Application Files, WWII, 
1950-1966 [Anc]
Registers of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812 - 1934 [Anc]

US, Registers of Deaths in the Regular Army, 1860-1889
U.S. Military and Naval Academies, Cadet Records & Applications, 1800-1908 [Anc]
U.S., Lists of Merchant Seamen Lost in WWI, 1914-1919 [Anc]
Washington, Soldier Home Records, 1891-1945 [FS]
World War II, Prisoners of War, 1943 > 1946 [NH] Anc
and more..
Oregon, World War I, Veteran State Aid Applications, 1921-1938
[Sherman & Wasco added: 20 June 2021]
1890 Veteran's Schedule
[Sherman & Wasco added: 20 June 2021]

Military Forts in Oregon
'Search the GAR' ~ 'Search the DAR' ~ 'Search the SAR'
Military Headstone Applications: Sherman & Wasco Co's

Rogue River Wars

State of Oregon: Military Records
Historic Land Grants: Veterans / Canada

Odds & Ends
There was very little Cemetery data in the old Sherman County Files.
What I did find is reformatted here.
There is some family information included.
[Note: The above work was done by Mark Fields many years ago]
FAG Lists These:
Daugherty Family Cemetery
De Moss Cemetery ~ Grass Valley ~ Kent IOOF
Moro ~ Rufus ~ Wasco ~ Wilcox Cemetery
Oregon Burial Site Guide
Compiled by: Dean H Bryd
Co-Compiled by Stanley R Clarke & Janice M Healy
Binford & Mort Publishing, Portland Oregon, 2001
Permission to use on the ORGenWeb given by:
Mr Stanley R Clarke.
The Introduction and key can be found here. / Indexes Here
Sherman County Pages can be found here. [PDF's]

F~A~G : Born: Benton, Clackamas, Crook, Multnomah
Sherman, Tillamook, Wasco, & Washington Counties
Died or Buried in Canada
Burial At Sea or other Locations
USGW Archive Indexes.
Billion Graves or Use Family Search

F-A-G: Died or Buried in Mexico [Search Criteria = Oregon]

Coroner & Funeral Home Records
[San Francisco, CA Bay Area]
CA, San Francisco County Records, 1824 - 1997
[Coroner Records-FS]
San Francisco, CA Area Funeral Home Records, 1850 - 1931 [Anc]
Note, some images and abstracts may be found here.

Cemetery, Funeral Home & Coroner Records
 Arizona, County Coroner Death Records, 1881-1971  
Arizona, Maricopa, Mesa City Cemetery Records, 
1885-1960 [FS]  
California, San Francisco County Records, 
1824-1997 [Coroner Data] OR
CA, SF County Records, 1824-1997 [Other States & Counties]
 California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 
1835-1979 [FS]   
California Cemetery Transcriptions: 1860-1950 [FS] [Explanation]  
Oregon Church and Cemetery Records: 1840-1965 [Anc]  
U.S., Cemetery and Funeral Home Collection, 1847 2015 [Anc]
The indexes above all have records for Oregon.
and more...

Miscellaneous Records
Available on Google Drive
Indian Enrollments , Quaker Records, 
Post Master Assignments,
Border Crossings [St Albans, VT],
Homestead Records, BaseBall Questionaires,
Prohibition Agents ,Pass Port Applications, Mortality Schedules,
Voter Registrations

CA State Hospital Records, Alaska Pioneers, Iowa Tax Assistance
Oregon Biographical Cards,  American Red Cross Nurses
Sherman County Voter Registrations [Film]
1902 Voter Register - 5715823
Precinct Name Page Range Image Range
Biglow 7 - 8 12 - 15
Grant 1 - 3 6 - 11
Grass Valley 55 - 60 52 - 63
Kent 90 - 93 68 - 72
Monkland 26 - 33 34 - 39
Moro 34 - 39 40 - 51
Rutledge 75 - 76 64 - 67
Wasco 12 - 25 16 - 33
1904 Voter Register - 5715824
Precinct Name Page Range Image Range
Biglow 1 -  2 6 - 9
Grant 5 - 7 10 - 15
Grass Valley 50 - 56 52 - 65
Kent 80 - 84 70 - 79
Monkland 25 - 27 32 - 37
Moro 35 - 41 38 - 51
Rutledge 70 - 71 66 - 69
Wasco 10 - 17 16 -  31

I have access to Subscription Databases and Library Editions of:
American Civil War: Letters & Diaries,
American Civil War: Research Database
American Indian History
American Indian Movement & Native American Radicalism
Fold3, Heritage Quest, Find My Past
American Indian Correspondence
African American Biographical Database
American West [Western Expansion]
American National Biography

There are several Newspaper Databases:
Historical Newspapers
[send for list],
America's GenealogyBank,
America's Obituaries & Death Notices ]1980 > Current]
Kansas City Star, Chicago Tribune
Happy to do lookups.

Contact: Martha
Vital Records
B ~ M ~ D's

The 'obvious locations' for online vital record indexes and imaged documents will be included here as general links.
The created indexes are from both free and 'pay-per-view'
sites and are identified as such.
Lookups are available if you do not have subscriptions.
I have access to the 'Library Edition' of My Heritage which
has different info, Lookups available

Family Search: Births, Marriages, Deaths
B - M - D's can be found in Archival Newspapers: Lookups
Chronicling America is Free, so is the
Historic Oregon Newspaper Collection
and  Google Archived Newspapers

Family Search Vital Records: Film
For Access: Sign into your FS Account,
Search: Enter Film # from Chart, Use Image Numbers to View
Birth Records / 5715825 Img Range
1908 / Chronological Order 5 - 10
1909 / Chronological Order 11 - 16
1910 / Chronological Order 17 - 24

Death Certificates / 5715827 / 1905 Img Range
A  - L - Index 198 - 209
M - Y - Index 210 - 223
DC's are at the beginning of roll
Death Register / 5715828
Apr 1908 > Aug 1915 Img Range
1908 - 1910 5 - 13
1911 - 1915 13 - 20

Item Description DGS
Marriage affidavits, 1898-1900 5714764
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 1, 1890-1940 5714935
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 2, 1890-1940 5714936
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 3, 1890-1940 5714930
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 3, 1890-1940 5714937
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 4, 1890-1940 5714931
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 4, 1890-1940 5714938
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 5, 1890-1940 5714932
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 5, 1890-1940 5714939
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 6, 1890-1940 5714933
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 6, 1890-1940 5714940
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. 7, 1890-1940 5714934
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. A-C, 1889-1898 5714762
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. B, p. 1-452, 1889-1906 5714755
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. B, p. 2-644, 1906-1938 5714758
Marriage Lic & Cert, v. C, p. 1-172, 1938-1961 5714760

Family Search, Ancestry & Archival Newspapers
Sherman & Wasco County Index
Note: The Archival Records are on NewsBank
Lookups Available

OR Obits on Google Drive
Idaho Obituary Collection, 1868 - 2013 [Anc]
Idaho Obituaries, 2 FS Databases
[B: Clackamas & Washington Co's]
San Diego, CA Union-Tribune, 1993 - 1994 [Anc]

Obituaries, gleaned from Genealogy Bank,
B: Oregon, Died in San Luis Obispo County
Lookups Newspapers

"What's New"

New and Updated Vital Record Databases on Family Search
1 July > 13 November 2021

Use This Link: Scroll Down

The ORGenWeb has moved to a new Server,
if you find invalid links on any of these pages,
please let me know so that they may be corrected.
Contact: Martha

A couple of days ago, I found a series of booklets published in Wyoming: 1912 > 2006 in the FS Catalog:
Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY
Compiler: Anna Lee Woffinden

I am in the process of gleaning Marriages, News Articles & Obituaries for the various Counties I host.
The booklets can all be downloaded from the FS Catalog if you wish to look at them. They are all pdf's and searchable.
Stay tuned for items of interest for Oregon

More Interesting Resources
'Century Past'
All sorts of stuff: Free Online Library

The Internet Archives has a nice assortment
of books on Oregon History:
A search gives these

Family Search: Filmed Resources
Naturalization Records

Description / Dates Digi Film #
Act of naturalization, 1896-1898 5715776
Certificate of naturalization, 1907-1916 5715782
Certificate of naturalization, 1912-1929 5715783
Citizenship petitions granted, 1930-1945 5715781
Declarations of intention, 1930-1948 5715779
Declarations of intention, v. 1, 1907-1929 5715786
Declarations of intention, v. A, 1890-1906 5715785
Facts for declaration of intention, 1882-1913 5715777
Facts for petition for naturalization, 1892-1906 5715775
Index to naturalization records, n.d. 5715784
Naturalization correspondence, 1900's 5715778
Naturalization miscellaneous, 1900's 5715790
Naturalization proceedings, v. 1, 1907-1922 5715788
Petition and record, v. A, 1901-1926 5715787
Petitions for citizenship, 1900's 5715780
Record of naturalization, v. 1, 1903-1906 5715789
Description / Dates Film #
Probate case files, 1889-1900 5715609
Probate case files, v. 1, 1889-1900 5715730
Probate case files, v. 10, 1889-1900 5715772
Probate case files, v. 2, 1889-1900 5715731
Probate case files, v. 3, 1889-1900 5715732
Probate case files, v. 4, 1889-1900 5715733
Probate case files, v. 5, 1889-1900 5715734
Probate case files, v. 6, 1889-1900 5715735
Probate case files, v. 7, 1889-1900 5715736
Probate case files, v. 8, 1889-1900 5715770
Probate case files, v. 9, 1889-1900 5715771
Probate docket, v. A, 1889-1908 5715773
Probate fee book - Index, v. A, 1889-1957 5715600
Probate fee book, v. A, 1889-1958 5715601
Probate journal, v. A, 1889-1919 5715774
Probate order book - Index, v. A, 1888-1904 5715602
Probate order book, v. A, 1888-1904 5715603
Probate record - Index, v. 2, 1904-1916 5715604
Probate record - Index, v. 3, 1916-1928 5715606
Probate record, v. 2, 1904-1916 5715605
Probate record, v. 3, 1916-1928 5715607
Record of estates, 1903-1938 5715608

All of the files linked below are on Google Drive.
The actual data can be found on FS & Ancestry
Canada ~ Crime & Prison ~ Deaths & DC's ~ Marriages
 Miscellaneous ~ Obituaries
Passenger Lists & Employment ~ Vital Odds

Folks who went to California and left a 'Paper Trail'
Family Search: Filmed Resources
Description / Dates Digi Film
Deed records, vol. A, 1889-1891 5714968
Deed records, vol. B, 1891-1893 5714969
Deed records, vol. C, 1893-1895 5714970
Deed records, vol. D, 1895-1897 5714971
Deed records, vol. E, 1897-1898 5714972
Deed records, vol. F, 1897-1904 5715070
Deed records, vol. G, 1898-1899 5715071
Deed records, vol. H, 1899-1901 5715072
Deed records, vol. I, 1901-1903 5715073
Deed records, vol. J, 1894-1904 5715108
Deed records, vol. K, 1903-1904 5715109
Deed records, vol. L, 1904-1907 5715111
Deed records, vol. M, 1905-1917 5715112
Deed records, vol. N, 1907-1909 5715114
Deed records, vol. O, 1909-1911 5715115
Deed records, vol. P, 1912-1914 5715117
Deed records, vol. Q, 1914-1917 5715118
Deed records, vol. R, 1917-1919 5715120
Deed records, vol. S, 1919-1921 5715122
Deed records, vol. T, 1921-1923 5715791
Deed records, vol. U, 1923-1926 5715792
Deed records, vol. V, 1926-1930 5715793
Deed records, vol. W, 1930-1933 5715822
Deed transcript, vol. A, 1859-1887 5715123
Deed transcript, vol. B, 1887-1889 5715125
General index of deeds, direct, Vol. A, 1859-1898 5715597
General index of deeds, direct, Vol. B, 1859-1920 5715598
General index of deeds, direct, vol. C, 1884-1944 5715595
General index of deeds, reverse, Vol. A, 1859-1898 5715596
General index of deeds, reverse, Vol. B, 1883-1920 5715599
General index of deeds, reverse, vol. C, 1884-1944 5715594


Family Search: Historical Images
Go Here for Explanation & 'How To..." Scroll Down
Charts above have all the Catagories & Film Numbers

"What's New"

California Digital newspapers
This Site has a great collection of CA Newspapers,
but many of them have articles from
other States including Oregon

Use this Link

Free Digital Newspapers:
Purdue University

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