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My name is Martha and I will be your guide to all things "Clackamas County".
I do not live in Oregon,
but have family that lived in various parts of the State for many years.
l will do my best to answer questions and perhaps assist in locating that
 missing piece of your 'Ancestral Pie'.
I can be contacted by email. Please use this link

Table of contents
Maps ~ Biographies ~ Books ~ Oregon Pioneers ~ What's New ~ Odds and Ends
Military ~ Vital Records ~ Obituaries
Family Search ~ Cemeteries ~ Newspapers & Lookups

Family Search ~ Cemeteries ~ Newspapers & Lookups

Family Search: Historical Images & Filmed Records in the Catalog
Records that are not available with the traditional FS Search
The Types of Information: Military, Cemetery, Deaths & DC's, Native American Census, Deaths & DC's, Divorces, Estate Records, Funeral Cards, Genealogical, Homestead, Land [Certificates, Sales, Patents], Obituaries Locations & Time Frame: Mollala, Lewis & Oregon City / 1844 - 1942

For Access: Log into your FS Account, Search, Catalog, and plug in the DGS Film number of interest
from the Charts in the 'Fiche-Film' slot.
Use the chart linked here for the Film # Here is a link for 'Neighbors of Clackamas'
Vitals, etc - Hood River, Marion, Multnomah, Wasco, Washington & Yamhill Counties
NoNote: Draft Registrations & Federal Census Records were not included

Obituaries Of Persons Who Died Leaving No Known Survivors
Silverton, Marion County, Oregon
These Files are Images of Newspaper Clippings
Because Marion is a Neighbor County, these files could contain Clackamas Folk
DGS Film #008624059 - Items 3 & 4
Note: Item 4 has both Funeral Cards and Obituary Images
There are no indexes, so use the Alpha Sections and the Image Range to find items of interest
This Link will take you to the proper Catalog Section, Log into your FS Account

Here is a sample File: Caille Adams Byrne


Cemeteries of Clackamas County
With the increased interest in documenting Cemeteries, it is in the best interest of all,
that old as well as new resources are recognized.

USGW Archive Indexes. Find~A~Grave  Search all of F~A~G
Billion Graves on FS ~ ~ People Legacy [OR]
Sandy Cemetery [from old DAR Records]
Milwaukie Cemetery [LDS # 857035-DAR-jpeg's] Recorded by the DAR, 1962]

I found 2 more films with Clackamas County Cemeteries:
General Notes: The film contains both Hand Written Field Notes & News Article Clippings
2031844 - Item 2
Adams Cemetery - T5S/R2E/Sec 22
Images: 1162-1171

Apostalic Christian Church Cemetery - Kaufman Rd, 7S/1W/7/8
Images: 1172-1208

Belcrest Memorial Cemetery
Images: 120-1255, Obituaries

Bethany Pioneer Cemetery - 6S/1W/33 [Established 1842]
Images: 1256-1321 - Field Notes
Images: 1322-1415 - Obituaries

Maplewood / Scotts Mill
Images 2078-2118 - News Articles

Marquam Family Cemetery
Images: 2119-2121

Film 2031845 - Item 1
Russelville Cemetery - 6S/R2E/Sec 3
Images: 109-135 - Field Notes
Images: 136-140 - Obituaries

 More Cemetery Records
Copied by members of the L. D. S. Church
in the United States

Typed by members and the Genealogical Society
Salt Lake City, Utah
[Most of these were done in the 1950's and 1960's]
There are quite a few Cemeteries for Clackamas in this collection:
Cliffside Cemetery, Part 1 and Part 2: Vols 4 & 12
Pendleton and Trullinger, Volume 45
Revenue Cemetery, Volume 8
Sandy Pioneer Cemetery, Volume 4
Each File is a searchable pdf

Cemeteries: Old Transcriptions done by the DAR
LDS Film: FS Catalog for Access to the images:
Use the Chart below for Film # and Image Ranges
LDS/FS Film - 8960096 / 857013
Clackamas Cemeteries. DAR

Volume I: Copied in 1936-1937 by Susannah Lee, Barlow Chapter, DAR
Volume II: Copied by Susannah Lee, Barlow Chapter, DAR
This Linked Chart is for Film # 857013

Film 857034: Clackamas Cemetery: Images are Here
Above link will give you some idea of the type of information recorded

Cemetery Book & Oregon Burial Guide Cemeteries of Clackamas County [1953]
This little booklet was found in the FS Catalog
Please use these Links: Pgs 1-15 ~ Pgs 16-25
Note, I can no longer find the book, so do not have a 'title page'

"Oregon Burial Site Guide"
Compiled by: Dean H Bryd
Co-Compiled by Stanley R Clarke & Janice M Healy
Binford & Mort Publishing, Portland Oregon, 2001
Permission to use on the ORGenWeb given by:
Mr Stanley R Clarke.
The Introduction and key can be found here. / Indexes Here
Clackamas County Pages can be found here. [PDF's]
Newspapers [Free] ~ Lookups ~ Odds

<<<New Archival Resource>>>
This is a fairly new archiving service that is part of the network.
A search using " Died, Clackamas County, Oregon'
produced these two articles:
Oregon Mall Shooting News, Photos and Videos - ABC News
Collection: Train Derailment in Quebec By Virginia Tech: Crisis, Tragedy, and Recovery Network
This text was captured  on Jul 26, 2013  
Suburban Portland active shooter," Clackamas County Sheriff's and carrying an assault rifle More Results from

Oregon State Police News Releases News
Collection: Oregon Government Documents By Oregon State Library
This text was captured  on Feb 13, 2013   Clackamas County Sheriff's Office is the lead investigating agency.More Results from

Chronicling America
Historic Oregon Newspaper Collection
Google Archived Newspapers
Purdue University ~ "ThoughtCo"
Century Past ~ Elephind
Non Subscription Web Sites
National Archives
The Internet Archives has a nice assortment of books on Oregon History:
A search gives these

California Digital Newspapers This Site has a great collection of CA Newspapers,
but many of them have articles from other States including Oregon.
A search using 'Clackamas County, Oregon results with articles starting with 1840 - 1849 ~ Use this Link

RAOGK: Volunteers for Local Lookups

Lookups: Archival Newspapers: Subscription Sites
I have access to the following Databases
HeritageHub [Includes NewsBank] ~ My Heritage
Contact Martha: Lookups, Archival Newspapers

SOS Archival Records
School Lists were found in the old Clackamas County Files.

"The Fine Print"
State Coordinator: Bob Jenkins
Assistant State Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
Clackamas County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham

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