Morrow County Chronicles V, 1986

Table of Contents

Page    Title
1        Dedication to Inez Erwin
2        Poem by Darlene Arrington
3        Valby Church Remembers 100 Years by Justine Weatherford
6        Mary Gunn Tells of Flood contributed by Inez Erwin
9        100th Birthday Anniversary Mrs. Carl Happold (Lillie Currin) by Helen Currin
10        Lillie Currin Happold Story by Lillie Happold
17        Shutler Flat
18        The Star Theater (Sigsbee)  by Jean Nelson
19        Kilkenny Family Hosts 1986 Picnic by Justine Weatherford
23        Hunting Lost People, continued, by Carl McDaniel
27        Morrow County Cemeteries by Jean Nelson
29        Hehisch Ads, 1913 (Heppner High School Newspaper)
31        The Lexonian (Lexington High School Annual)
32        Celebrating St. Patrick's Day (Doherty), by Justine Weatherford
35        Jones-Harper Shootout, Lexington by Kathleen Hisler - Helen Currin
43        William B. and Eliza Hynd Barratt by James G. Barratt
50        The Art of Pleasing
51        1908 Cheer
52        Earl Cramer contributed by Opal Cook
54        Historical Trees in Morrow County by Jean Nelson
58        Early Day Cowboys and Races by Kathleen Hisler
59        Letter to Inez from Freda Pattee
60        1985 First Citizens (Jean Nelson and Bill Collins), by Justine Weatherford
62        Suggested Reading


Frontispiece    Inez Erwin
7        Church Street, 1903
8        Church Street, 1903
9         Lillie Currin Happold
18       Star Theater
21        John Sheridan Kilkenny
30        Lexington School Board
33        Rosella Lindsay, Sue Doherty
44        William B. Barratt
45        Elizabeth Hynd Barratt
49        James G. Barratt
55        Pettys Bur Oak Trees
56        Peck Locust Tree
57        Penland Apple Tree
61        Jean Nelson, Bill Collins

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