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My name is Martha and I will be your host for "all things Sherman".
I do not live in Oregon, but have roots deep in her soil. I am an experienced online researcher and
will do my best to answer questions and perhaps help locate that missing piece of your 'Ancestral Pie'.
I can be contacted via email: Please use this Link

Table of Contents
History ~ Biography ~ Search ~ Historic Maps ~ What's New ~ Lookups
Vital Records ~ Cemeteries ~ Mortuaries ~ Obituaries
Military ~ Native Americans ~ Crime & Punishment ~ Odds & Ends ~ Family Search: Historical Images

Our Thanks to Constance for her dedication and dilligence for Sherman County.  
Vital Records ~ Cemeteries ~ Mortuaries ~ Obituaries
Vital Records : B ~ M ~ D's

The 'obvious locations' for online vital record indexes and imaged documents will be included here as general links.
I have access to the 'Library Edition' of My Heritage which has different info: Lookups available

Family Search: Births, Marriages, Deaths
B - M - D's can be found in Archival Newspapers: Lookups
Chronicling America is Free, so is the Historic Oregon Newspaper Collection
and Google Archived Newspapers
Historic Oregon Newspapers ~ Browse and Search

Family Search Vital Records: Film: Birth, Marriage & Death Records
For Access: Sign into your FS Account,
Search, Catalog: Enter Film # from Charts below, Use Image Numbers to View
Please use this link for the Chart with Film Numbers and Dates
There is one more Birth Register in the 'Image Section' of the FS Catalog
Vol 1: 1905: Please Use This Link. There is an index, it begins with image 38,

Family Search: "Collections" Oregon Neighboring States
California ~ Idaho ~ Nevada ~ Washington [Scroll Down]
Log into your FS Account, Access the Resourses Linked Above

Family Search ~ Michigan Marriages
This link is for folks born in Oregon and who married in Michigan: 1868 - 1925
[Available Info: Full Name, Place of Marriage, Residence, Place of Birth, Age, Occupation, Officiant, Witnesses]
Sign into your FS Account, then use the above link.

There was very little Cemetery data in the old Sherman County Files.
What I did find is reformatted here.
There is some family information included.
[Note: The above work was done by Mark Fields many years ago]
FAG Lists These:
Daugherty Family Cemetery
De Moss Cemetery ~ Grass Valley ~ Kent IOOF
Moro ~ Rufus ~ Wasco ~ Wilcox Cemetery

Oregon Burial Site Guide
Compiled by: Dean H Bryd
Co-Compiled by Stanley R Clarke & Janice M Healy
Binford & Mort Publishing, Portland Oregon, 2001
Permission to use on the ORGenWeb given by:
Mr Stanley R Clarke.
The Introduction and key can be found here. / Indexes Here
Sherman County Pages can be found here.[PDF's]

Or use FS and Search all of F~A~G
Billion Graves or Use Family Search

SF Genealogy has more Coroner Records - Use This Link

Obituaries: HeritageHub
Grass Valley: 1913 - 2021 ~ Moro: 1902 - 2000
Rufus: 1908 - 2023 ~ Wasco: 1902 - 2023
Updated to 31 December 2023
The above set of obituaries was gleaned from "Heritage Hub" which includes News Bank
The searchable pdf index can be found here.
Contact Martha for a copy [image] of the Obit or Article

Obituaries, gleaned from Genealogy Bank,
B: Oregon, Died in San Luis Obispo County
Lookups Newspapers

 Obituary Database for Oregon "echovita"

Here is a series of booklets published in Wyoming: 1912 > 2006
in the FS Catalog:
Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY
Compiler: Anna Lee Woffinden
Here is the Index for Oregon
Download the booklets from the FS Catalog [Searchable pdf's]

More from Family Search Catalog
Pahrump, Nevada Genealogical Society Obits 1970-2009:
Published: 2010
"Digital copies of obituaries for people with some connection to Pahrump, Nevada.
Individuals may have lived and or died in many different states."
The Linked Chart gives the years available and a clickable link.
There are indexes and each book is searchable or available to download.
The Books can be found here
"The Fine Print"
State Coordinator: Bob Jenkins
Assistant State Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham
Sherman County Coordinator: Martha A Crosley Graham

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