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History of Tillamook County [Wiki]
Tillamook County is a county located in the U.S. state of Oregon. As of the 2010 census, the population was 25,250.[1] The county seat is Tillamook.[2] The county is named for the Tillamook, a Native American tribe who were living in the area in the early 19th century at the time of European American settlement. The county is located within Northwest Oregon.

The Tillamook were the southernmost branch of the Coast Salish. They were separated from their more northern kinsmen by tribes speaking the Chinookian languages. The name Tillamook is of Chinook origin (a trade pidgin, which had developed along the lower Columbia.) According to Frank Boas,[3] "It [Tillamook] means the people of Nekelim. The latter name means the place of Elim, or in the Cathlamet dialect, the place of Kelim. The initial t of Tillamook is the plural article, the terminal ook the Chinook plural ending ???uks." Since there was one village in the area of Nehalem bay; the area was referred to as Nekelim (Ne Elim=singular). There were at least four villages on the south Tillamook bay according to Lewis and Clark; the south bay was called "T-Elim-ook" (the plural of Elim), meaning many villages of Elim. (The Chinook word for water was "chuck" and the Salish word for wetland is "naslex". The popular translation of Tillamook as meaning "land of many waters" seems to be 20th-century fabrication used in the tourist industry.)

Biographies and Books

"What's New"

"Appleton's Cyclopaedia of American Biography "
by Wilson, James Grant, 1832-1914; Fiske, John, 1842-1901
Publication date 1900 
Appleton Review ~ Archive.org [All Volumes]

New Oregon Resources / FS Catalog
Filmed Books: 1000368

Found in the old Tillamook Files ~ North American Family Biographies ~ Appleton's Biographies

There is a History of Tillamook County, published in 1940
which could not be found online. It may still be in copyright. If any one has a copy and is willing to do lookups, Please contact me.

"An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon"
H. K. Hines, Author; Published by Lewis Pub. Co., Chicago, 1893
There is no index, use the above link to search the pdf

"The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912"

Volume's II.III,IV
The S J Clark Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912 Bio Index is at the back of Vol IV -
Please use this link for a chart of Tillamook Folk

"Oregon Native Son"
Publication with Bio's and Sketches Vol 1- 2, Index
The Books can be downloaded or I will send pages of interest.

"History of the Great Northwest and it's Men of Progress"
Pub: The Minneapolis Journal - The Index is Here
Read Online or Download

There are a lot of 'Family Histories' in the FS Book portion

of the FS WebSite.
To access them:
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Oregon Base Map ~ Oregon Territory Map 1852
David Rumsey ~ Historic Map & Atlas Collection
Perry-Castaneda ~ Map Collection ~ "Oregon - Geo Hazards Viewer"
American Georgaphical Society Library
Digital Map Collection
Humboldt State University Map Collection
Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for Oregon~ Railroad Maps
And, of course, Google Earth ~ MapGoose

Metsker's Atlas, 1930 - Index ~ Metsker's Atlas, 1974 - Index
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The indexes are for Plat Maps, which give the owner's names
as well as Business locations
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