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My name is Martha and I will be your host for "all things Tillamook".
I do not live in Oregon, but have roots deep in her soil. I am an experienced online researcher and will do my best to answer questions and perhaps help find that eluisve ancestor.
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History of Tillamook County [Wiki]
Tillamook County
is a county located in the U.S. state of Oregon. As of the 2010 census, the population was 25,250.[1] The county seat is Tillamook.[2] The county is named for the  Tillamook, a Native American tribe who were living in the area in the early 19th century at the time of  European American settlement. The county is located within Northwest Oregon.

The Tillamook were the southernmost branch of the Coast Salish. They were separated from their more northern kinsmen
by tribes speaking the Chinookian languages. The name Tillamook is of Chinook origin (a trade pidgin, which had developed along the lower Columbia.) According to Frank Boas,[3] "It [Tillamook] means the people of Nekelim. The latter name means the place of Elim, or in the Cathlamet dialect, the place of Kelim. The initial t of Tillamook is the plural article, the terminal ook the Chinook plural ending —uks." Since there was one village in the area of Nehalem bay; the area was referred to as Nekelim (Ne Elim=singular). There were at least four villages on the south Tillamook bay according to Lewis and Clark; the south bay was called "T-Elim-ook" (the plural of Elim), meaning many villages of Elim. (The Chinook word for water was "chuck" and the Salish word for wetland is "naslex". The popular translation of Tillamook as meaning "land of many waters" seems to be 20th-century fabrication used in the tourist industry.)

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Clatsop ~ Lincoln ~ PolkWashington ~ Yamhill

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Trails West & Mining History
Overland Trail ~ Oregon Trail
Oregon Mining Maps ~ Stone Quarries and Beyond
'Ghost Towns in Oregon'
Ghost Towns, Mining Camps and Historical Sites
The Volcanoes of Oregon

Native American's
The Tillamook Tribes of Oregon

Our Native Americans and their records of genealogical value
3 Volumes
Kirkham, E Kay, Author, 1980
Everton Publishers, Logan Utah
The books can be downloaded here.

Indians of the northwest [Washington, Oregon and Idaho]
Digital Book, FS, Published: 1968 by BIA

BIA Agency Records, 1879-1951~ Digital Images, FS Library
The Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians
Indians of the Pacific Northwest

Muster Rolls:  Early Indian Wars of Oregon
Pub: 1894 / Francis Fuller Victor
Access through FS : Books

Native American Treaties, Northern Oregon

Central Oregon "Range Wars"
"The Modoc War"
"The Yaquina Bay Oyster War"
Historical and Military Resources
Found in the old Tillamook Files

North American Family Biographies

Appleton's Biographies

There is a History of Tillamook County, published in 1940
which could
not be found online.
It may still be in copyright. If any one has a copy and is willing to do lookups, please contact me.

An Illustrated History of the State of Oregon
H. K. Hines, Author;  Published by Lewis Pub. Co.,  Chicago, 1893
There is no index, use the above link to search the pdf

The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912 /
Volume's II. III, IV

The S J Clark Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912

Bio Index is at the back of Vol IV

"Oregon Native Son"
Publication with Bio's and Sketches 1
899-1900 Index
The Books can be downloaded
or I will send pages of interest.

There are a lot of 'Family Histories' in the FS Book portion of the FS WebSite.
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Modern Wars and Casualty Lists

Soldiers Of The Great War
In three Volumes

Compiled by: 
W M Haulsee, F G Howe, A C Doyle

Soldiers Record Publishing Association, 
Washington, D C: Copyright, 1920

Reports of Civil War [Union Army] Generals

Source: Gale Primary Sources [Online Library]
"Archives Unbound"
[Mid-Continent Library - Subscription Site]

This file has a listing of the Information, Types, etc
followed by an Index of the Generals.

I am happy to do lookups, some of the information [Biographical of the Generals in the list] may be found by doing Google Searches, but it will not be the handwritten reports. Martha

Other Military Databases
Gleaned from Family Search and Ancestry
[Lookups available if you do not have access]
Search Criteria: For the Data below:
"Born in Oregon"

Homes for Disabled Veterans, 1866 > 1938

Iowa, WWII Bonus Case Files for Beneficiaries, 1947-1959 [Anc]

Iowa, Armed Forces Grave Registrations, 1835-1998 [FS]
Pennsylvania, WWI Veterans Service & Compensation Files, 
1917-19, 1934-48 [Anc]

Pennsylvania, Veteran Compensation Application Files, WWII, 
1950-1966 [Anc]
Registers of Patients at Naval Hospitals, 1812 - 1934 [Anc]

US, Registers of Deaths in the Regular Army, 1860-1889
U.S. Military and Naval Academies, Cadet Records & Applications,
1800-1908 [Anc]

U.S., Lists of Merchant Seamen Lost in WWI, 1914-1919 [Anc]
Washington, Soldier Home Records, 1891-1945 [FS]
World War II, Prisoners of War, 1943 > 1946 [NH] Anc

Note: If you are curious why so many men died 
on 17 June 1877 in Idaho.

Military Forts in Oregon
'Search the GAR' ~ 'Search the DAR' ~ 'Search the SAR'
More Military Records Here
Military Headstone Applications
Rogue River Wars ~ Indian Wars

The Centennial History of Oregon 1811 - 1912 /
Volume's II. III, IV

The S J Clark Publishing Company, Chicago, 1912
Bio Index is at the back of Vol IV
Below is the index of 'Tillamook Folk'

A > H Page # J > Z Page #
Abplanalp, Melchoir 854 Jacob, Barnhard 851
Alley, Herbert V 625 Jenkins, Eugene 841
Andersen, Andrew C 690 Johnson, Charles N 951
Beals, Arthur G 386 Johnson, John 574
Bird, Robert Phelps 893 Johnson, Malphus 627
Blaser, Joseph 800 Johnson, Rhoda [Mrs] 924
Botts, H T 939 Kodad, James 916
Bozorth, John O 749 Kunze, Charles 834
Brown, James E 722 Latimer, William 891
Buel, W S 834 Laughlin, Davis W 836
Bunn, Alvis W 724 Mattoon, O P 715
Byrom, Peter 698 Maynard [?] Partial 834
Cross, Elmer E 742 Michaud, Joseph 640
Dawson, J A  747 Murphy, James 894
Dawson, Joseph J 588 Neiger, John 432
Day, George W 774 Nelson, Gust 743
Durrer, Joseph A 444 Olds, Henry 582
Earl, Simeon 634 Parker, Eben Pratt 917
Effenberger, Joseph 643 Pesterfield, J N 846
Eichinger, Robert 599 Provoost, Homer L 768
Elliott, C A 937 Rhodes, E M 761
Elliott, Smith W 500 Robison, Robert Edward 705
Erickson, Adolph 847 Rogers, Henry 813
Fitzpatrick, David 820 Rupp, John J 912
Freeman, L G 488 Rush, Wesley 879
Fuqua, Charles E 335 Schild, John 418
Gienger, Ernest J 861 Simmons, John A 862
Goyne, Thomas H 737 Stephens, James S 732
Gray, Ira 533 Taff, Charles J 911
Hare, A M 943 Todd, P W 886
Hare, William S 704 Tohl, William 678
Harrison, Joseph M 672 Vaughn, John W 920
Heisel, Peter 904 Wallace, G W 763
Hobson, Franklin P 775 Williams, George 899
Hodgdon, George N 692 Williams, William 872
Holden, J C 839 Zachman, R F 859
Holman, William Dwight 638 Zuercher, Andrew 925
Hughey, James 828 Zuercher, John 721
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Tidbits from the Big Piney Examiner of Sublette Co., WY
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