Morrow County Alumni

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  • Morrow County school you attended (See list below)
  • Year of graduation (or years attended)
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A.C. Houghten Grade School Boardman Grade School
Columbia Junior High/Middle School Hardman Schools
Heppner High School Heppner Grade & Junior High
Ione Schools Irrigon High School
Lexington Schools Riverside High School
Riverside Grade/Junior High School Sam Boardman Grade School
Sam Boardman Grade School ~

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People & Their Schools

A.C. HoughtonGrade School, Irrigon
Class of 1977 
   Don Estes

Boardman Grade School and Boardman High School
    Barbara Cady (Miss Love)

I was a teacher at Boardman High from 1953 - 1955. Husband Dave Cady (also a teacher at Boardman) and I still attend the Old Boardman School Reunions when we can. Great to see everyone again! My email address is    
    Gwen FUSSELL Shoemake
Was at Boardman Grade School 1st through 5th grade. Leaving after school was out in May of 1956'. My e-mail is  My Address is: Gwen Shoemaker, 700 S. Gum Apt. C, Kennewick, WA 99336.  Sure would like to hear from you and go to a school reunion. I lived really far away from Boardman when I graduated from high school. Hope to see you all soon.

   Douglas M. Shattuck 
   Edna Hoffman Keller
Class of 1959
   Lorelei Hamilton Beebe 
Class of 1958
    Donna Watts Mack MACKD1@EARTHLINK.NET
    Gary Moore
    Jerry Peck
    Jim Thorpe 
Class of 1957
   Lorna Shannon Henrie 
   Bill Aardappel 
Class of 1955
    Sharon Fussell Jucha 
Class of 1954
    Wilma J. Hug Dettman 

Columbia Middle (Junior High) School, Irrigon

Hardman Grade School

Frances (Fran) Heath Barnett  (1945-2006)  Graduated from Heppner High School in 1963
 " I was the last student to graduate from the eighth grade at Hardman Grade School in 1959.  There were only 1-8 grades there at the time and the school was closed the next year and everyone was bused into Heppner.  (But I don't think I was the reason the school was closed!!)  Our teacher was Freida Slocum and she lived in the schoolhouse during the week and went home to Rhea Creek on the weekends."

Brandon Van Atta Bonnie Lee Kessell (now Van Atta) I attended Heppner Elementary for First Grade then attended Hardman for 2 & 3rd until they took our school away. We were blessed with good teachers and probably learned more there than in Heppner. Partially because there were so few of us and we each had individual attention by the teachers. It was an awesome time - we rode horses to school and put them in the pasture, played in the sagebrush and learned family values.
   We then had to spend the grueling hours on the bus to attend in Heppner which I am sure for financial reasons it was important to move us. . It would be wonderful to locate students who attended Hardman - it was a great loss to the community and history when it was torn down.

Heppner Grade School and Heppner Junior High

Heppner High School
   Another Heppner High School Alumni posting site:


Would love to hear from some of my students from Heppner High. Please include Heppner High in Subject line so e-mail won't go to spam folder. Franklin McAllister; Austin, Texas

Class of 1999
        Bobbie Rankin Bates
Class of 1998
        Genny Sneddon  
        Sarah Baker 
Class of 1981
        Dianne Samples Pratt
Class of 1979
        Kevin Gray
Class of 1978
        Krynn Robinson Parham
            9299 E. Clinton Avenue, Fresno, CA 93727-9792
Class of 1977
     Patti Saling Allstott 
     Chris Rauch
Class of 1973    Class of 1973 & 1972    Reunion (2003) photos
        Tami Meador Sneddon
        Dianne Cox Henrich 
        Janet Gentry Greenup
        Tracie Norene Bunch
Class of 1970
        Greg Sweek
        Susan Melby Timm  OR
Class of 1969
        Nathan Kirk Need help identifying classmates when in the 6th grade (Mrs. Meador is the teacher)
        Heppner High School Class of 1969 photo  

Class of 1968   
        Bob Dobbs 
            958 W. Redwood Dr., Chandler, AZ 85248
       David Hall
           PO Box 9570, Helena, MT 59604
Class of 1967

        Peggy Snyder and Dennis O'Donnell
Class of 1966
        Leslee Meador
Class of 1965
       Tamara (Smith) Weaver 1817 SW Knoll Ave,  Bend, OR 97702
Class of 1961
       Shirley Van Winkle George
       Tom Green
       Charles W. Monagle,
            3902 Beaverbrook Dr., Fort Wayne, IN 46815

Class of 1960
       Bob Davidson

Ione Grade School and Ione High School
    Another Ione School alumni site: 

Linda Bristow has a 1911 Ione High School photograph. She needs help identifying the students. You can email her at  She will forward the photo to you for identification.  Thanks!

Class of 1990
        Darcee Padberg Mitchell 
                                                PO Box 121, Heppner, OR 97836
Class of 1967
        Deniece (Matthews) Derbyshire 
         1495 SW 11th Hermiston Oregon 97838

Class of 1965
         Connie Christopherson Barnum
                                                   114 Plum Way N.
                                                    Desert Aire
                                                    Mattawa, WA 99349

Class of 1942
        Elsie Jepsen Baca  Lives in Falston, MD
Class of  1941
        Ernest (Ernie) W. Christopherson
                                                        3683 W 17th South
                                                        Idaho Falls, ID 83402

Irrigon Grade School, Irrigon Kindergarten, and Irrigon High School
     Beverly McCoy Cochran
Irrigon Grade School 1st Grade 2nd Grade 8th Grade last year attended. We are retired and go South for winters. I live in Vancouver, Washington and also have a home in Ocean Park, Wa. Have lots of relatives in Irrigon and Hermiston area. Love to hear from anyone who remembers that long ago.  I attended Irrigon Grade School graduating out of 8th Grade then attend High School in Pasco. We had 7th and 8th grade together and was a great little school. Love to hear from anyone who had Mr Bates as teacher or was in the class. My email is  We head south in the winter and live in Vancouver,Wa and Ocean Park, Wa in the summer. 

    Peggy Price is  a member of the Irrigon Multicultural Arts Center, an organization which was formed to preserve and use the old school building as a center for community activities.  They are searching for information regarding the construction of said building.  To be listed on the State and Federal Historic Buildings Registry, it is important to have as much information as possible.  The school is dated 1921, on the front and there are records of students graduating at that time, but they need construction records, also: architect, contracts, construction company, etc.  If anyone has recollections of, or records, photos, etc, which would be of help, they would appreciate it.  Contact Peggy at
Class of 1959
   John Collins
   Judy Berger
   Vila Rae Hill Cook     
   Verne Simmons
   Jerry Franke
   Carla V. (Hill) Leighton -

    Carla HILL Leighton
    Joseph (Jody) D. Mann  
                P.O.Box 957 Mulino, Or 97042 (503) 829-7389 
Class of 1955
    Nancy Graybeal (Shingledecker) Purcell  
                            6003 Okanogan Loop; Kennewick, WA 99336
Class of 1953
   Donald O. Leighton  
   LaVonne( McCoy)Richards
   Ronald Berger 15818  158th  St.  Ct.  E.; Tacoma Wa. 98445
  Donald O. Leighton -
Class of 1947
    David Rand 4025 NE 32 Ave., Portland, OR 97212-1707                   

Lexington Grade School and Lexington High School
Class of 1943
    Colleen McMillan Wallace Kitch
    Roberta Matches  See query

Riverside Junior High School, Boardman

Riverside High School, Boardman

Reunion Information

From 1985 RHS 20th Class Reunion
Contact Kim (Musgrove) Jones
August 5th - Social hour at the Spud Cellar in Boardman (former H Bar W)
August 6th - Tour of the High School.  Dinner and get together at the Riverfront Lodge in Boardman.
August 7th - Potluck Family Picnic at the Boardman Park
All classes and teachers are welcome to attend the Potluck!

Class of 1991
   April (Morgan) Parker 

Class of 1989
    Lisa Connell

  Class of 1983 Reunion

My name is Carl Wiley and I would like to know when the next reunion is
for my class. I've been gone so long that I haven't kept in touch with
anyone from my class. I joined the army after high school and no one has
even tried to get in touch with me. I guess it is about time to see
everyone again and see how everyone has changed. My e-mail is  please let me know how things are going. 

Class of 1983 
   Earl Lisa Connell 
   Stacy (Senn) Meyer
Class of 1979
    Virgil Morgan 
     Tim Monjay 
Class of 1967
    Thore E. Nordstrom 
      6028 Shannon Ave., Ferndale, WA 98248
    Carol Anne (Harper) Thew 
      702 Ash Street, Cove, OR 97824
Class of 1964
   Ted S Hoffman 
   Paula (Williams) Partlow
Class of 1963
   Sharon (Franke) Hoffman and Jim Hoffman 
   John Partlow
   Patricia D. Partlow Davidson 
Class of 1962
   Robert J. Obermeier    
              34652 Bachelor Flat Road; St. Helens, OR 97051, 503-397-4342
   Richard A. Watts  
                PO Box 476, Calder, ID 83808
Class of 1961
   Larry West 
Class of 1960 
   Douglas M. Shattuck 

Sam Boardman Grade School

Any One-room school house students around!?


I attended the first and part of the second grade at the one room school at butter creek near the meyers/bartholemew ranch. I attended in 1947 and the first part of 1948. My mother had been a teacher there in the 1930's (Dora Moore). My family raised wheat in the area from the 1920's to 1948. Marvin Moore

Marvin Moore has shared a Pine City School Photo of the 1947 class at the one room school in Pine City where he attended in 1947 and the beginning of 1948. The teacher was Mrs May Leverenz.  The students were:  First Grade:  Marvin Moore, Mike Nutter;  Second Grade: Charles Myers, Tom Curran, Ronald Schiller; Third Grade: Christine Swaggart; Fourth Grade; Janet Myers; Fifth Grade: Sharon Schiller, Ron Curran; Sixth Grade: Shirley Myers.