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Morrow County Oregon Queries

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January 8, 2013 Patrick & Elizabeth Craney
My name is Patrick Craney, I am writing to you in regards to the genealogy of my wife’s grandmother. My wife's family name is Shaw, her grandmother's name was Dorothy Mae Gosney. My mother in law recently told me that Dorothy Mae was born in Heppner. Dorothy Mae married Cyril Glenalton Shaw in 1918 (in Clatsop County), so I am thinking she was born around 1900 + or - a few years. I have been unable to find any information on Dorothy Mae's family. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

February 13, 2009 Kathy Hardy
I would like the KINTZLEY family added to the Morrow County history site. My great-great-great grandfather, George B. Kintzley, settled in the Heppner and Arlington area in the late 1800's. His son, George Kintzley, was drowned in the Heppner Flood. 

January 28, 2009 Janice Louise Taylor
I am looking for any living relatives of Herbert WALBRIDGE. He was born in Heppner OR 1-24-1890. His parents were William Walbridge and Eliza SMITH. He passed away 7-13-1961 at the Veterans Hospital in Vancouver, WA and is buried in Willamette National Cemetery.
   Any information on Marion Elizabeth Walbridge maiden name MCNICHOLS BD January 1900 Parker, AZ. She may have been married to Herbert Walbridge living in the Portland OR area in 1946. Janice Louise Taylor (birth name Walbridge) 253-219-4296, 14721 Spring Street SW Lakewood, WA 98439-1124

December 2, 2008 Gene Davis
   My wife's great grandfather was Thomas Jefferson TEETERS. His wife was Martha Jackson Teeters. We know Thomas lived in and around the Arlington area in the 1800s and 1900s, and he and Martha and family were residing in Walla Walla at the time of the 1880 census, where his occupation is listed as "engineer." Further, we have found both their graves in the cemetery at Arlington.
   I just came across a death notice that ran in the January 9, 1899 Portland newspaper, reporting the death of Mrs. T.J. Teeters, wife of Postmaster Teeters of Castle Rock. The notice states Mrs. Teeters was a resident of Castle Rock for 15 years, and that her body had been removed to Arlington for burial.
   We had never ever heard or read of Thomas Teeters being postmaster at Castle Rock, but this death notice almost certainly relates to him and to his wife Martha. It is a giant step forward for my wife and her cousins in their quest for information about this branch of their family. Can you point me in the direction of local Morrow County resources that might verify and enlarge upon this new-found clue? I did find an article on the GenWeb page that listed post offices in the county, and when they were established and who their first postmaster was; but T.J. Teeters probably was not the first postmaster at Castle Rock, and he is not mentioned in the article. Any help will be truly appreciated. 

October 3, 2008 Tony Rockefeller
I am trying to locate the burial place(s) for the following people who died in Morrow County, Oregon:
Tillman HOGUE
Norah Agnes Hogue (nee Brannon)
Earl C. Hogue
Reba GRABILL (nee Hogue)
Robert Grabill.
Please send an email to me if you know where these individuals are buried.

May 6, 2008, Lena (Grabill) Mueterthies
Names: GRABILL/GRABEEL David H. GRABILL and wife Julia and children Willard, Thomas E., Archie T., Orin (among others.) came to Ione, OR in 1883. Thomas' wife Ida lived into her 100's (1980's) in the Ione area. I assume that there still would be some descendants of these GRABILL's around the Ione - Heppner area. I found references to them in the Heppner newspaper archives. My question is was it known to the GRABILLs if the GRABEELs were cousins?? I know that Ransom Russell GRABEEL is buried in the same Cem. as Tomas E. GRABILL--the High View Cem. in Ione. I am a descendant of David H. GRABILL's brother Jacob Andrew (or Andrew Jacob-it goes back in forth), from Harrison Co., MO. I think that David and Jacob's Grandfather was Jacob GRABEEL from Lee Co, VA. Ransom Russel GRABEEL is the son of Jacob GRABEEL's son Andrew GRABEEL*. Which is why I want to know if it was known or thought that the two families were related. I don't know when Ransom Russel GRABEEL died but they had a son that died in Feb. 1905 buried in the same cemetery, so the two families would have been in Ione at the same time.
     *New information: (On my May 6, 2008 query), I listed Ransom Russell GRABEEL's father as Andrew when it was actually Isaac GRABEEL also as to Ransom Russell GRABEEL's grave site I have since found out that he is not actually buried in Ione that it's just a grave marker. I believe he is buried in a Portland, OR cemetery. His son David is buried there, however.
I would love to hear from anyone with a connection to this family!

March 31, 2008 Robert Knutson
School at Gooseberry, Oregon. I found my grandfathers autograph book, signed by what must be many of his school mates. all entries are in 1908. His name was Lowell AKERS.

March 29, 2008 Dave Wilson
My name is Dave Wilson and while going through a Salem, Oregon antique store came across a picture of Joe and Elsie of Arlington. It was the couple and four children. I don't have any financial interest in this but if you could make a post and have anyone contact me at, I'll give them the name of the store and they can make arrangements to recover the photo. Thanks. The last name was not listed.

January 17, 2008 Judy Stevens
I am trying to date a studio photo that was taken in Heppner, Oregon, by Theo. Danner, Artist. Does anyone know when this photographic studio might have been in existence? I believe the time frame for the photo could be anywhere between 1880 and 1910, and would like to narrow it down a bit, if possible.

October 31, 2007 Janet Mason Langland
I am researching my father's family, MASON. His grandfather, Joe Mason, settled on Rhea Creek in 1871 (Homesteads and Heritages: History of Morrow Co., OR. Giles ,1971). My own Grandfather (The first Joe Mason's son) was born in 1887 near Ione on the family ranch on Rhea Creek. To,add to the "name game", my father (ALSO Joseph Mason) was born in Prineville in 1923.  Janet Mason Langland 4409 SW Obsidian, Redmond, OR 97756.

November 14, 2006 Charlotte Jones
Would like an obit for a Frank G. BACKSCHIES who died in Morrow County on 12 July 1969. His wife's name was Sallie.

October 19, 2006 Amos Martin
I am seeking information on a George M. KREBS (and his direct descendants) that worked on sheep farm in the vicinity of Morgan/Cecil/Ione in or around 1950. He may have been a biology professor at Portland Community College later in his life. Any information about his birthday, date of death and parents would also be helpful.

September 25, 2006 Joyce Quinlin Gray
I have been researching the history of my father's family who made their home in Irrigon, Oregon, from approximately 1903 to 1906/07. In reading thru copies of the newspaper, Irrigon Oregon Irrigator, I found many mentions of the family concerning their activities, business, and what was going on in their personal lives. However, in reading the website for the history of Morrow County, particularly the page giving information on the early days, people, and businesses of Irrigon, I see no mention of my family, and feel that they should also be included. My great-grandparents were John and Eliza QUINLIN, who moved from Moscow, Idaho to Irrigon in 1905. Their children were Joseph, George, Philip, Lorena, Margaret and Bessie. Joseph, Philip, George Quinlin owned the butcher shop in Irrigon in 1904 thru 1906. In 1904, Joseph Quinlin was referred to the as the "jolly butcher". I am not certain where the butcher shop was located in Irrigon at that time. In 1905, the barber shop was "removed" to Mr. Bower's building on Railroad Street, the butcher shop was the moved into that space by the owners of the building, the Quinlin Brothers. Lorena Quinlin then opened a restaurant adjoining the butcher shop. In an article of February 21, 1906, it is mentioned that Mr. and Mrs. Claude Baty will be keeping house in the Quinlin building, and using the front room as his barber shop. Other articles mention two of the children attending school, Maggie and Bessie Quinlin, and the fact that Mrs. Quinlin belonged to the Ladies Aid Society. I have written to the Baptist Church in Irrigon, trying to locate any existing church records for the early 1900's, but the letter came back, undeliverable. I have sent a letter in care of the post master, hoping it could be delivered to the church, and heard nothing.
    If you have any suggestions where i might locate plat records, church records, any existing records of the early businesses (I was told by the family that the Quinlin Brothers also ran the slaughterhouse that supplied beef to the railroad camps), any record of the restaurant, the Quinlin building, school records, old photos - I would very much appreciate your help. I have written to the Morrow County Historical Society, but that is another letter that has gone unanswered.

August 17, 2005 Kimberly Herron
I am researching ancestors with the surname of HYND.  Jack Hynd, Sr. and his father William Hynd and any related persons. My Grand-father was Charles Herbert Hynd.

July 26, 2005
I am researching the ancestors and descendants of the following families: Mary Agnes GILLESPIE, George C. Gillespie, Alexander Gillespie, Jackson Lee MORROW.

March 15, 2005 Janet Henderson
Seeking information on gg-grandfather Charles STOCKDALE, located in 1900 Census, Morrow County, Lena Precinct, with second wife Callie (Sarah Caroline Woll) and children Jeff (Thomas Jefferson), Elizabeth, and infant Grace.  Charles Stockdale and family subsequently moved to California.  Also seeking information on Charles Stockdale's first wife, Ellen Jane Kelly Stockdale, located in 1900 Census living nearby in Umatilla County, Pendleton, with 10 of their 11 children, working as a laundress.  She also subsequently moved to California.  The Stockdales migrated from Minnesota sometime after 1873, living in Iowa about 1876 and Nebraska in 1880.  Any information would be appreciated.

January 12, 2005 Connie
My grandparents, Arthur (1871-1949) and May CHAFFEE (1878-1960), moved to Boardman about 1920, my father and at least 5 of his siblings attended Boardman schools: Adna (married Edna Broyles), Arthur (Bud), Helen (married Carroll Kennedy), John (married Deane Schaumberg), Mary (married Alvin Fegles), and my father Alan (married Miriam Caswell), all except Deane now deceased. Would like to be in contact with anyone who has any memory of them. I have a photograph of Boardman High School students, 1935-1936. I am willing to share via email attachment.Would also like to identify class members other than my father, Alan V. Chaffee, and possibly his older sister, Mary Ann (Chaffee) Fegles.

December 8, 2004 Arnold Nash
Searching for the above Maria SLOCUM, aged 88, lived in Heppner, OR in 1910 with son Eugene Slocum, daughter Mary Ann Thomas and two Thomas grandchildren. Maria was widow of Lorin Slocum of Pennsylvania. Is she buried in Heppner? Also, searching for the burial site of MARIA TERESA SLOCUM who died 3 July 1910.  In 1910 census she lived in Heppner, Morrow, Oregon with son Eugene Slocum.  Any information regarding Maria and/or her family would be appreciated.

November 4, 2004 Shirley Gillespie
Looking for information on Wallace H. BUDDEN who married Elfie ? in November 1916.  Any information from marriage record or copy of marriage record would be appreciated.

October 22, 2004 Mary Burrows
I am searching for information on Mrs. Henry GERBER whose death is listed as August 24, 1920 in Morrow Co. Oregon.

August 16, 2004  Laurie Briggs
I am researching my father's family.  His mother was Mabel Montague and his father Ralph BRIGGS.  I know Ralph was born 12/14/1902 and was born in Wisconsin. My Grandma had two sisters  Edna Montague and Estelle Montague.  She was the youngest of the sisters.  I am still trying to find her date of birth.  According to my father's birth cert she was born in Oregon.  My father's name is Bob Martin Briggs.  I was also told by a relative that my grandma was born on a reservation.   I would appreciate any help uncovering my family history.  Thank you so much in advance.

July 28, 2004 Elaine Rose
I am trying to locate some information on a William SMITH, supposedly he was related to some :"HALLS" and Hiram /Hattie"Johnson" that lived in or around Heppner in the early 1900's. and later.  Any info would be appreciated.

June 24, 2004
I am researching the names CULICK, MUNKERS, AYERS and MORGAN.  All coming from the Culick side of the family.  One daughter married Gussie "Jack" Ayers, another married first James Morgan and second to Mr. Munkers.

June 9, 2004 Katherine Rupe
I am looking for information on Hannah Mary GALLOWAY, who is buried at the Sand Hollow Cemetery in Lexington. She was born in 1860/61, was married to Jonathan Travis HOSKINS 17 Nov 1878, and died Jan 21, 1887. I am looking for an obituary, and the names of her family members.
Any help would be appreciated.

June 30, 2004 Barbara Eades
Seeking information on Gladys LAMB and husband Delber WALKER.  They married in Spokane, WA on August 1, 1936, listing their residence as Ione, OR.  This is the second marriage for both.  Gladys was married first to Ray (Raymond) Lamb and had a daughter Betty Ray Lamb (her own middle name was Ray).  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  We have information on the Lamb family to share with Betty if we are able to locate her or any descendants.  Than you!

February 17, 2004
I am looking for any information regarding a Walter ALLISON, born in or near 1882. He was the son of Arilla (SNOW) Allison and a W. O. Allison, I believe. He was also the brother of Pearl Snow (Allison) Garland, born 1883. Thank you!

January 3, 2004  Earl Plunkett
I am looking for information on Ross E. Everett and Anna Fristoe KEENEY or KEELEY. They were married in Ione, Oregon in 1907. She was in Heppner in 1895 with her family James and Hattie FRISTOE. Her sister Blanche was killed in the Great Flood. There is a J Fristoe listed at the cemetery in Heppner. No information on that person. I am imagining it may be her father James.

September 29, 2003  Barbara Cook
I am trying to find information about my Grandmother who was born in Morrow County and went to school there. She was born approximately 1890, and had several brothers. They lived on a farm. Her name was Annie (Anna May) PERZONIS. We do not have any other information other than her name and the County Name. Her family were originally from the North of Italy. Apparently the courthouse that had records of her birth had burnt down with the loss of all records. I would appreciate any information that anyone may have on this family name.

June 24, 2003 Karen Westland
Jan.1, 1897 the body of OTIS D. LOGAN was found near the home of BOB DEXTER. The Coroner Mr. VAUGHN found he had been intoxicated and going home late at night accompanied by JACK ROMJUE (or HORNJUE). JACK MCKENZIE and BOB DEXTER both gave testimony to these facts. The jury consisted of Jas. Tolbert, H.C.Hanby, Harry Phillips, Joe Potter and Ed Templeton. If anyone has any information concerning this event or where the body of LOGAN is buried I would appreciate the information.

May 21, 2003  Michael Smithson
Am trying to trace my McELLIGOTT cousins in Morrow County. I am descended from Marguarite McElligott Schmidt b. May 20 1892 in Ione, Morrow, OR, daughter of Jerimiah John McElligott and Maggie Kennedy. My mother was Marie Schmidt Smithson and her father was Henry W. Schmidt. Would like to correspond and exchange information. Thanks, Michael L. Smithson Box 2207 Southern Pines, NC 28388-2207

April 27, 2003    Irene Keller
I am looking for the children of Francis and Nancy Shafer GENTRY.   In 1882 they came to Morrow County at the forks of Willow Creek. They homesteaded five miles north of Heppner.

April 27, 2003 Rosemary Stein
My husband's great grandfather was John STEIN and perished in the flood. He was never referred as Stine, which is shown under his name. I'm curious where that spelling came from. We found his name on a list of deceased in the Oregonion newspaper. He is buried in Lone Fir Cemetery, Portland, OR. He left a wife and children in Portland. They were getting ready to join him in Heppner when the flood happened

April 24, 2003 Marie Veirra
I'm looking for an obituary for Joseph A. CUNHA who died on Nov 28, 1999 in Heppner, OR. Does anyone know what local newspapers would list obits? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

April 22, 2003 Sue Day
I am looking for a Bernard Henry CLAGGETT born May 24, q905, died Oct 24 1996. I believe him to be a half brother to my grandfather. His parents names were Isaac Claggett and Elizabeth Morgan. Elizabeth died in 1886 Warsaw, Wisconsin. Isaac then married Mary Ann Kirkpatrick. Isaac died Dec.10 1929 in Mora Minnesota. If you can help It would be wonderful. Thank you for your time.

April 15, 2003 Kit Thompson
I am looking for information on the GALLOWAY and HOSKINS families who lived in the Buttercreek area, specifically Hannah Mary Galloway (b.1861, d.1887) who married Jonathan Travis Hoskins (b.1851 d.1925) Nov 17, 1878. If anyone has information on where their home was located, it would be greatly appreciated.

March 30, 2003  L. J. Masters
My father and uncle during their childhood, were good friends of the MOORE family in Morrow/Gilliam County Oregon. The children were Josephine Moore, Brian Moore, Mary Moore, and Lee Moore. The family later moved to Milton Freewater, Oregon. I have photographs taken circa 1917 of this family. I would like to send these photographs to descendants.  Jack DAVIS and his wife and her sister, Nina lived in the area of Morrow/Gilliam County Oregon. They owned Fairview and farms all over the area. They gave a family picture to my grandmother, Hattie Logan. I would like to mail this original photo to descendants. Please contact me at ljmasters at networld dot com. 
     Among my family photographs are two 5x7 woodcuts of either candidates or elected officials likely officers in Gilliam or Morrow County Oregon. They are John T. DANIEL, County Clerk and Josh B. THOMAS Deputy County Clerk. These probably would have been men serving possibly as early as the 1890's and before 1920.  If you can establish that you are a descendant of either of these men, I will send you the appropriate woodcut. Please e-mail me at ljmasters at networld dot com.

March 16, 2003 Troy Stantliff

I am trying to get additional information about Thomas L. STANTLIFF; he was listed in the First War Census posted in the Heppner Gazette Times on June 14, 1917 as living in the Lena Precinct of Morrow County. I believe this to be my great uncle who was originally from Carroll County, VA. My great uncle was born May 5, 1887 to William Henry Stantliff and Rachel Jane FORTNER. Any information such as marriages etc would be greatly appreciated.

January 11, 2003 Peg Willis
I'm trying to find information on a J. K. CARR of Morrow County, Oregon, whose baby died in the Heppner flood of June 14, 1903. A stained glass window in the Episcopal church in Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon, says "In loving memory of Lilias, infant daughter of J. K. and F. S. Carr - Baptized into Jesus through the flood - June 1903. a matching window opposite this says, "A thank offering to God for signal mercies, June 14 1903, G. C. & L. C." Mr. J. K. Carr was named as the builder of a new home in Heppner in a July 2, 1903 newspaper article.

I'm also seeking information on a Rev. C. H. LAKE. This man said services for the dead at the Heppner Cemetery in Morrow County, Oregon after the tragic flood of June 14, 1903. I have found no other reference to him. He was not a permanent pastor of any of the churches in that town at the time.

December 15, 2002
After 15 years of searching we have just discovered that MARY MARTEN CHAMBERLAIN died near Heppner on June 4 1887 and was buried there. Does anyone know where she is buried? The family only lived in the area for a short time. Her maiden name was HAYES

October 12, 2002 Wayne Dykstra
I have info available on much of my great grandfather George DYKSTRA who lived in Heppner around the late 1800s and early 1900s along with my grandfather. My father George Ernest Dykstra was born in Heppner in 1907.

September 2, 2002 Jeri Iler
There is a John ILER buried at the Lexington Cemetery. Born 1-11-1898 Died 1-18-1898 These dates were found in the museum archives. There are no dates on the headstone. I would like more information on this infant, who were his parents?
John Wesley Iler Born 27 Sep 1854 Gales Creek, Washington, Oregon Died 6 Oct 1936 Heppner, Morrow, Oregon Father: Savil W. Iler Mother: Caroline Lee Married Nancy Jane (Jennie) Ray Born 13 Feb 1856 Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin Died 17 Jan 1937 Heppner, Morrow, Oregon Father: Lester Ray Sr. Mother: Sarah Elizabeth Hopkins Pictures of John Wesley Iler and Nancy Jane are in the museum - also articles on the computer Children: Neva Pearl Iler - married William LeTrace Millie Caroline Iler - never married Roy Ray Iler- My grandfather - married Delphia Edythe Hiatt Emma Myrtle Iler - married George Evans of Heppner Ella Willetta - died in infancy Ralph Russell - died in infancy

September 2, 2002 Peggy Smith
I am looking for information on Sterling Cyrus SMITH. He was my Great Grandfather. I believe he was a circut-riding preacher as well as a well-known photographer. I understand that he photographed for magazines such as National Geographic.  I would also like any information on my Grandmother, Gladys Viola SMITH who was born in Heppner. She later married John Harry BUCKLES whom we have very little information on.

June 19, 2002 Betty Hellman
I'm looking for any info on Valentine B. Huber, especially his obit. The info I have from his brother's obit. from 1956.  It states, Valentine was living in Mikkalo.

March 19, 2002

I am seeking information regarding Benjamin A WILLIS and Lennie LEFFLER Who were Married in Morrow county (quite likely Heppner, OR) on Feb. 14, 1895. I believe these to be my Great Grandparents.

March 13, 2002  Carla V. Leighton
In 1860, H&K Enterprises established the River Port of GRAND RONDE. It was centered at or near the present day Marina and Day Park. Another version: which is correct.? Grande Ronde Landing In 1862 A.J. Kane built Grande Ronde Landing eight miles below the mouth of the Umatilla River. The first place of business was a hotel - a canvas on the ground was used as a table, and meals were cooked on a log fire.
Is the K in H&K Enterprises for A.J. KANE.?
Would like information on: Post Office / First Postmaster School / Teacher Business's Bank Law
Surname's of Families living there
Plat of Grand Ronde Landing / Date when Filed

February 25, 2002 Mary Burrows
Searching for descendents of Isaac KNIGHTEN and Rebecca MCBEE Knighten who lived in Morrow Co OR. Allied names are SHANER, COMPTON, WRIGHT, FURLONG, ASHBAUGH and WARREN.

January 16, 2002  Kevin Hewgley
I would like to add my name to the listing if at all possible. I descend from Emaline SHOBE Willingham Howard 1834-1930 in Heppner. Her brother was Dr. Allen J. Shobe the first physician in the town. I have a great deal of information on the family --especially looking for descendants of the daughters of Emaline and John WILLINGHAM. Please respond to my personal email:

January 5, 2002 Bonnie Bartlett
I have a picture of H. MC FARLAND on a card . I'd like to share a copy of it with anyone that is searching H. McFarland. It say's he was from Morrow Co. Or. It as in some FIELDS - MOORE family album. Would like to know his connection to this family.

January 3, 2002 Patt
Is there someone out there that can send me a picture of a headstone?James GALLOWAY 15 Oct. 1829 - 22 Oct. 1896 Baker/King/Fairveiw/Tews Cemetery Ione.Also any other info anyone has on him. Where he lived and with who would be nice. Any family he had in the area also. Thanks.

January 2, 2002 Jamie Carston
My Great Grandmother was a LOVGREN from Morrow County, I am looking for any info on the Lovgrens that lived there late 1890. Share stories . I have located some family there, they are very respectful and kind people. Everyone looking for answers to their genes, don't give up there are special people waiting out there wondering too.

August 16, 2001 Linda Nimer
I recently received obituary of Matilda CatherineMcCRAW from the Heppner Gazette Times.  It stated that she was buried at the Masonic Cemetery in Heppner next to "the grave of Mr. McCraw who died in 1914".  My family records show that he was buried in Carroll County, VA.  Does anyone know for sure if he is really buried in the Masonic Cemetery?  I am also looking for information on their two sons, Jacob Allen (d. 1912) and Green Waller (d. 1927), who are also buried in the same cemetery. Thank you.

July 13, 2001 Jerry Chapman
My mother was born in Heppner on December 15, 1905.  Her name was Regina December JONAS and her parents were Mr and Mrs Guy Jonas.  Would you know if there are any records of her birth, etc. that I could secure or who I could
contact to do so?  Thank you!

July 27, 2001  Gary Moore
O understand in the courthouse there is a plaque in memory of those MIA in the Korean War, one of those names would be WARDEN, from Boardman.  I need to know his first name and any other information that is there. There is a website remembering those lost and MIA in Korean war and want to place his name there. 

July 1, 2001 Victoria Sills
I am looking for any information on Elijah and Melvinia "HILL" ADAMS who came to Heppner, Oregon by covered wagon in the very late 1800's. Melvinia "Hill" Adams was my great-great aunt. I am specifically looking for information on her side of the family. If anyone has any information, please contact me. I have an old letter that was written by her daughter, which includes some family history, I would gladly share with other family members.

April 30, 2001  Nikki Hampton
Any records for the Lexington Grand/High school during the years 1918-1923?? My mother, Claudia B. MC MILLAN went to this school during those years. 
    I need info on Lexington School attendance records for the years 1918 through 1923.

April 23, 2001  Roberta Matches
I am a former student of the Lexington , Oregon, schools. I attended grades one through nine there, finishing the ninth grade in 1943. My father was John J. MILLER, uncle of Tad Miller, who still lives in Morrow Co. My mother lives in Portland, Oregon, and will be 100 years old in October 2001. We are having a reunion in Portland in August. Anyone who might remember my mother can contact Tad and Melba to send her birthday greetings if they wish to do so.
    I just found your website today and have enjoyed reading the account of the Heppner flood. I remember our teacher, Mrs. Lillian Turner, telling us about it and the heroic ride of Leslie Matlock. I think I had a classmate in the early grades named Juanita Matlock.
    The names of my brothers and sister are as follows: John J. Miller, Jr. (Jack) , whose widow and two children all live in Seattle. Roberta Miller Matches (that's me). I now live in Lubbock, Texas. My husband, Dr. Arthur Gerald (Jerry) Matches , is an emeritus professor at Texas Tech Univ. where he was the first holder of the Thornton chair in the Department of Plant and Soil Science for 13 years, after working for the USDA in Missouri for 20 years. Marjory Miller Stanley lives in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, WA. Bill Miller lives in Portland. Harry Miller lives in Portland. Kenneth Miller lives in Beaver Creek, Oregon.
    I found it interesting that C. A. Rhea had married the granddaughter of the founder of Kirksville, Mo., since our second child, Dr. Sarah Matches , attended college there at N. E. Missouri State (now renamed Truman State). She is now a pediatrician in Ft. Worth. Our older daughter is a physical therapist in Phoenix, and our son is an analytical chemist in Kansas City.
    Each of our children has two children, making 5 boys and only l girl.
    I have many happy memories of Morrow County, particularly 4H club activities and the train ride to 4H summerschool in Corvallis.
    I lived in Corvallis for a time before I married, working as the secretary to the business manager of Oregon State Univ. for four years. I left after my husband was drafted and sent to Germany, and went to join him in Heidelberg . Went from there to West Lafayette, Indiana, where he went to school at Purdue; from there to New Mexico for a year and then to Missouri and Texas.
    My regards to any of the old Lexington "Jackrabbits" who may remember me.

April 23, 2001, Kathleen McGraw
I recently found an Oregon Death Index listing on that concerns an Emil MARQUARDT who died in Morrow County November 25, 1939. This record says it is from certificate number 42, and identifies his spouse as Helen. Can you get more info on Emil Marquardt for me? I'm especially interested in knowing if he was born in or around Wisconsin, and if there are any surviving children listed (looking in particular for a son Roger, though he would have been from an earlier marriage so might not be listed).
    This would be a great help to me -- so far my Emil has been a mystery, but his son Roger was in Oregon in the late 30s, so it's possible that Emil was there, too, and not in Wisconsin like I thought!   Thank you for your help,

April 7, 2001
Etta GALLOWAY, born in Buena Vesta, OR on 12-23-1875.  Married William Thomas RULE at her parents home in Heppner, OR on 4-19-1893.  Had 2 brothers:  MJ Galloway and JW Galloway and 2 sisters: Estella JOHNSON and
Elizabeth MCFERRIN.  Please I need help locating this family.

March 7, 2001 Debbie Huff
I have a picture postcard of Pine City School 1910 and would like to find out the names of the children and the teacher.  The card was addressed to my great-aunt, Annie LINDSAY,  in Galloway, Oregon.  My grandmother Elbra May Lindsay, sister to Annie, was the youngest child of Alexander & Ida May (HOWARD)  Lindsay who lived in the area in 1890's to approx. 1920.   

February 22, 2001  Patricia Ash 
I am seeking information regarding Sarah PERKINS Piggott.  She is buried in High View Cemetery, Ione, Morrow, OR (in plot with Florence B. Sipes).  Her years of birth and death are 1859-1936. 
    Sarah PERKINS Piggott was the daughter of Joshua Carter Perkins and Sarah COOPER Perkins, born in Letcher KY in 1856.  She was the sister of Highly PERKINS Perkins of Taylor, Loup, Nebraska and William and John Amos PERKINS of Roy, Pierce County, Washington.  All predeceased her. Seeking any information regarding her and/or her descendents.  Sarah's sister, Highly PERKINS Perkins, was my great-grandmother.  Sarah PERKINS was married to James H. SMOUSE who died 21 April 1884. She then married William H. Piggott, who died in 1890.  Sarah, and her children, were in Lillian, Custer, NE in the 1900 census.  Then she came to Washington, and then Morrow, OR about 1902. Her children were Henry Vincent Smouse, Daisy Smouse, Florence B. Piggott, and Howard Piggott.  I would like to contact anyone who may be researching and/or interested in Sarah PERKINS Smouse Piggott.

February 20, 2001  Dennis Dunleavy
I am looking for any information you may have on CLARENCE LEROY ANDREWS (1862-1948), IDA B. ANDREWS (1872-1903), MABLE ANDREWS (1891-1903), VASHTI ANDREWS (1893-1903), and ANNE CLARE ANDREWS (1889-1903).
   Andrews obituary in the Eugene Register Guard from April 19, 1948 states: "Mr. Andrews was elected first county clerk of Morrow County at the age of 22, and three years later married Miss Ida SWAGGERT of Heppner, Ore.  She and their three children were drowned in the Heppner flood of 1903."  Here the math is a bit off, because he would have actually been 24-years-old. Andrews' own biography states: "In 1886 I was elected as County Clerk and Clerk of the Court in the county,
and remained in that position for four years."
   However, two autobiographical sketches he wrote (circa 1935) do not mention ever being married to Ida Swaggert or losing his family in the flood.  In fact,  he writes that "In 1890 I returned to Seattle and entered the County Auditor's office, working up in grades till I was the chief deputy and  accountant of in King County in 1895-96."  His record then shows that he worked in Sikta, Alaska as a US Customs Agent in August of 1897, was sent to Skagway on January 23, 1899 and was there till 1904 when he was transferred to Eagle till 1909.  If you have any information on Andrews, Ida Swaggert or the children, I would greatly appreciate help.

February 16, 2001 Joyce Notson
I am doing family research.  I know that my great-grandfather, Samuel E. NOTSON was a lawyer in Heppner in the early 1900's.  He died Aug. 14, 1937  in Portland.  His wife's name was Mary Ann Notson.  I remember my grandfather, Edward, telling me that they had a farm in Heppner. I would like to find out if anyone has information on the year that Samuel and Mary would have married.  I am not sure of the year of that.  Also, what years Samuel would have practiced law. I would appreciate any help with Samuel and Mary and family.

February 4, 2001  Duane Lamers
I am seeking information about Susanna Catherine FRY (FREY), wife of Edward Lane MATLOCK.  Susanna Matlock died at Heppner 11 May 1896.  I know the name of her father (Joseph Frey), but I am trying to establish the identity of her mother, who I believe to be Sarah HARTMAN.  Any assistance would be appreciated

January 27, 2001  Monty Robison
    I am searching for any information on the ROBISON family who, I believe, came to Morrow County prior to the turn of the century. They had a ranch several miles SW of Hardman on the middle fork of Rock Creek.  My Great Grandfather's name was Richard W. Robison. He was born in 1852 and passed away on 7/2/1913. He is buried at the Hardman IOOF cemetery just outside of Hardman on the road to Eightmile. His wife's name, I believe, was Mary.
    My Grandfather's name was Lotus Robison. I am not sure when he was born. He passed away sometime in the mid to late 1960's and is also buried at the Hardman cemetery. His wife's name was Maude who is buried at the Heppner cemetery.  My father's name was Richard W. Robison. He was born on 3/16/1919 and passed away on 3/13/1977. He is buried at the Heppner cemetery. His wife's name was Cecelia (CARTY) who just recently passed away on 1/6/2001.  I have a brother, Leland (Dick) Robison who was a barber in Heppner from the early 60's through the early 70's. His wife's name was Joanne (BROSNAN).
    I would greatly appreciate any information that someone out there may have regarding my Great Grandfather. I know nothing of where he came from and would really like to trace my ancestry as far back as possible. Thank you.
Monty Robison, 713 SW 28th Street, Pendleton, OR 97801

January 3, 2001   Brenda Melton
I'm  searching for the names of my grandfathers parents.  My grandfather Marion Edward MELTON who went by Tom moved to Cecil OR in 1901.  In 1911 he moved to Pilot Rock.  As you can see I have no idea what his parents names were. Please help me if you can.

December 29,  2000  Roger McCumber

I'm searching for information on ancestors, siblings, and descendants of John B. SHAW b 4 Jul 1824, KY.  Married Mary Ann McCUMBER in Douglas Co, 12 Nov 1865. Died Morrow Co. 18 May 1887, buried in Sand Hollow Cemetery, Lexington. Children Robert L. and John Charles.  Robert married Nettie SLOAN  10 Oct 1893 in Morrow Co.

October 26, 2000 Doris Prettyman

I am looking for anyone who might have information regarding George R. SHICK family living at Clarks Canyon, Heppner, Morrow County, Oregon between 1882 and 1900.  Includes family members of Goldsmith, McCullough, Hughes, Conner, Church, Romjue, Wren, Hansen and Ricks.
 ***October 19, 2006 Re: HUGHES  I sent an e-mail to Doris Prettyman and it was sent back with failure of delivery.  Does she have a new e-mail address?  I am Kathryn Gipson at  Thank you for your help. 

October 14, 2000 Pam Shelton-Anderson
I am trying to trace members of the AKERS family who were descendants of Medley Shelton and Elizabeth WARD.  Abraham Harvey Akers had children by his two wives Adelgitha Shelton and Mathilda Shelton (sisters).  This family moved from Decatur co IA, to Ione area, Morrow co IA in the last 1890s.  I would like to find out when Abraham died.   His children were:
Clara E Akers b: Abt. 1868 in IA d: 1953 in Klickitat, WA, married Nathaniel Reuben McVAY.  They had a daughter Margaret Armetta McVay Morris Leonard Akers   b: March 1870 in Decatur co IA,  died in 1945 in Pendleton OR, married Bethena SWAGGART Medley Erastus Aker    b: March 1871 in Decatur co, IA , died ????, married   Mabel Cramer
Ninna Naoma Akers b: 25 March 1874 in Leon, Decatur City, IA , married August Wilhelm Lundell..Robert H Akers b: March 1877 in Decatur co, IA , died ???, married Lavina Teeters Alvin Spencer Akers b: January 1878 in Decatur co, IA , died ???, married Nellie G Vaughan. They had at least one daughter Blanche Harry O Akers b: 29 January 1883 in Decatur County, IA , died ???? William H Akers b: August 1879 in IA , died ???
I would appreciate any information or clues on these people.

Randy & Michelle Ayers   September 25, 2000
My husband's ggg-grandfather was supposed to be Thomas W. AYERS who was one of the first settlers of Butter Creek, Morrow Co., OR.  James T. Ayers b. 1863, d. 1953 in Hermiston, OR.  I'm looking for a solid connection for James' parents and siblings.

Elizabeth Ann Kilcup   September 24, 2000
Looking for inforamtion on Edward W. KILCUP who married Emma LUCKMAN and lived in the Morrow County area. They had the following children: Ada Julia Kilcup who married 1.John Matthew WADELL 2.John WOODWARD;  Arthur J Kilcup, Walter Jerry Kilcup, who married Rose HUCKABY TUCKMAN;  Lillian Kilcup who died in infancy, and Edward Kilcup.  Would like to hear from any who may be connected to this family. 

Carla Leighton    August 4, 2000
Welcome queries on North Morrow County surnames: RUCKER, DEXTER, HILL, and LEIGHTON or LAYTON.   I lived in Irrigon and Boardman for over 50 years. Carla V. Leighton, P.O.  Box 737, Seaside, OR 97138.

Betty Cresap  Ausgust 4, 2000
My father Kenneth Lee BINNS was born in Heppner January 9,1900 father Albert Eppie Lee Binns, mother Addie CONLEE Binns. They are buried in the Heppner Masonic cemetery. I have been searching genealogical records to no avail to discover any and all info in my grandfather.  I have quite a bit of info re my grandmother but cant find out anything on her husband. They were married in Prairie City Oregon as she was a school teacher in Canyon City in the 1890's. 

Nola Conway   August 4, 2000
My Great-Grandfather lived just outside of Heppner and is in the 1895 census -- Cyrus LEYDA. Most of his children were married at Heppner -- including Minnie Leyde, who was married to James Willis. James and their two children, Fred and Frank, perished in the flood.  Minnie died a few years later in Moscow , Idaho of wounds she received in the flood -- it lists a
gash to her thigh in the reports.
    The reports also list that she lost her clothes, ended up under a train, then at a warehouse where she got some sacks to wear. It also states that her baby was not harmed -- I have no record of a child surviving and would be interested in finding out if there is more information on that report and where it came from.

Frank Surber  July 16, 2000
The tombstone of Daniel R. JAYNE pictured at Heppner Masonic Cemetery, Heppner , OR is very clear, I can read:
Daniel R. Jayne Died October 28, 1894, Age 65  He died as he lived. Sarah E., his wife, Born 1849 d. January 14, 1903.
I cannot read what is written on the end of the tombstone, would it be possible for someone to read it for me? Was there an obituary for Daniel R. Jayne in the local paper Oct. 28, 1894?  I believe his wife was Sarah E. HATHAWAY,  Her second marriage was to Henry PADBERG.
 I have the male line (1) Daniel R. b. 1829, Locke Township, Cayuga Co. NY
(2) Benjamin Jones Jayne b. 1782, New Windsor Township,  Orange Co.,NY
(3) Jotham Jayne b. 1758 Goshen, Orange Co, NY or Smithfield, Suffolk Co, NY
(4) Isaac Jayne b. 1715 Setauket, Brookhaven twsp. Suffolk Co, NY
(5) Wm. Jayne II b. 4 June 1678, Setauket, Brookhaven twsp. Suffolk Co, NY
(6) William Jayne b. 25 Jan 1618, Bristol, Avon Co, England
(7) Henry De Jeanne

Peggy Brooks    July 22, 2000
I am trying to find information on my Great Great  Grandfather William COX born Jan 2, 1822 in Virginia or Tenn. He crossed the plains by wagon train around 1865?  From Gentry Co. Missouri. He married Casander Jane BOUNDS and 2nd wife. Margaret (HUNTER?) he died in Morrow Co. around 1895. Trying to find his parents name. I would like to try and trace there Oregon Trail route. He had children by the names of. Elvira J Cox, Martha A , John W., Sarah E, Jesse P. and Oliver Jefferson  my great Grandfather. Thanks Peggy Brooks 808 Mahaffey Rd. Kelso Wa. 98626

Leone  July 21, 2000
We are looking for my husband's half brother, William JOHNSON (probably born 1910-1920).  He lived in or around Heppner during the 1970's.  He was in the ranching business and may (or may not) have been the owner.  An associated name would be Carlson/Karlsson . Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Michelle Ross  July 19, 2000
Elise (Elsie) Mae ROHRMAN was born in Heppner, OR on May 31, 1906.  Her fathers name was George ROHRMAN and mother was Anna L. WELSH.  She married Lester Roy ROSS date unknown.  If anyone has any information or connections to the surnames listed please let me know.

Deanna Baker  June 21, 2000 (Please advise of your current email address)
Searching for the GILLESPIE family born in Heppner, Morrow Co., Oregon.
  FA:  John Edward Gillespie b. 12-27-1873 ID  MO:  Elva Martin b. 6-4-1879 in Shuttler, Gilliam Co., Oregon  died: 2-16-1920 Heppner , Morrow Co. Oregon.  m. in Canyon City, Grant Co. Oregon on 12-25-1898. Children to this Union
 Zearl Joseph Gillespie b. 11-1-1900 Heppner Morrow Co., Oregon
Marion Homer Gillespie b. 9-25-1901 Spray , Wheeler Co. , Oregon
Florence Elnora Gillespie b. 7-30-1902 Spray, Wheeler Co., Oregon
George Clifford Gillespie b. 1903          "           "                  "
Lela Gillespie b. 1905    same place as above
Clyde Edward Gillespie b. 7-14-1906 same as above
Arthur Elmo Gillespie b. 9-15-1907 same as above
John Edwin Gillespie b. 3-6-1917 Heppner, Morrow Co., Oregon  d. 12-22-1980
Plus two living Gillespies'.
John Edward Gillespie's siblings: Mary Agnes Gillespie; Elnorah Gillespie, Jeannie Gillespie
    Lois Connor August 3, 2006
    Deanna Baker, I have the information you need on Zearl GILLESPIE.

Kathy Garcia  June 6, 2000
Looking for any family related to the WILKIN, Gentry, Kirk or Snyder families. Robert John Wilkin brought his family to Morrow Co OR abt 1882. His youngest daughter Nellie Jane was born in Heppner. The family is listed as two seperate households on the 1895 state census. Lucinda GENTRY Wilkin, wife of Robert, left him. Their daughter Bessie Wilkin married Sylvester Kirk in Morrow Co.. Robert John Wilkin died in Lexington in 1922. He was to be buried in the Lexington cemetery but I have found no stone for him there. The Wilkin family was from Madison Co Iowa. The only son of Robert and Lucinda, Frank, married Cora SNYDER in Morrow Co. Their two children were born there before they moved to Philo, California in the mid-1920's. Cora's family was from Missouri. Lucinda's mother Sarah Wright Gentry is buried in the Heppner cemetery. Sarah was nearly 90 when she died. Lucinda's brother Francis Gentry lived over by La Grande. If anyone has anything on this family I would to hear from them. I have lost two of the daughters of Robert and Lucinda, Kate and Sarah.

Gary Ray April 22, 2000
I have close to forty unidentified Morrow County photographs in my possesion, passed down from my grandmother, Orlena JORDAN RAY.  Orlena resided in Ione, Oregon from 1876-1934.  Surnames associated with this family include BURROUGHS, COLVIN, HANEY, JORDAN, KING, PADBERG, PUYEAR, RAY and WALKER. I have posted some of them on my Web site located at  Please help me identify them. 

Pat Kennedy March 16, 2000
Working on many family lines of the Heppner area.  WILCOX, ESKLESON, ALLSTOTT, WARDWELL and would enjoy working with others on these lines.

Ron Dowse March 30, 2000
 I'm researching the family of James H. McHALEY. They lived in Heppner in the early 1900. He was a business man in Heppner. They are buried in the Heppner Cemetery. Any information would be appreciated. 

Elona  March 10, 2000
I am doing family research on the Aaron OLIVER family. Arron had a daughter, Mrs. J M LONG. Nina and James lived in Heppner and had five children. During the big Heppner flood in June of 1903 Nina, James and two of their children were killed. On July 1903 Aaron Oliver was given legal guardianship of the three remaining children. Aaron and his wife were living in Yakima Wa. at the time. In the 1903 Yakima Directory there is no mention of the children does anyone know what happened to them? 

Jim Barker  March 7, 2000

I am researching John BARKER b. 1829 in England married Mary Ann HOBSON b. 25 Nov 1841 in Missouri). They married 16 May 1861 in Sublimity, Marion County, Oregon, and were living in Echo, Oregon at the time of death.
 John BARKER d. 16 Mar 1898 in Echo, Oregon Mary Ann HOBSON BARKER d. around 6 APR 1919 in Echo, Oregon.
 They had the following 10 children: Annise BARKER, d. infancy; Alice Barker McMILLAN, Almira Barker KENNEDY, Emma Barker ROBERTS, Mrs. Etta Barker PAISLEY, William Henry BARKER, Martha Barker WALKER, Mary Ann Barker RUCKLE, John Hadley BARKER, Beulah E. Barker HELMS.  Can anyone shed any light on any of these individuals? Thank you. Jim Barker, 307 12th Ave. N., Buhl, ID 83316.

Lynda March 3, 2000
I'm trying to find any info on a Bertha G. (MINERT) WELLS who lived in Heppner Oregon in May 1958. Thanks.

Brenda Ericsson  February 25, 2000
Looking for any information on Joseph H. MATHEW, who had a land patent for 160 acres in Morrow Co. OR issued 25 June 1892.

Diane Dempsey Dodge  February 17, 2000
Does anyone know if the town of Cecil, Or. still exists?  and if it does or doesn't was there any industry besides farming or ranching there in the 1908-1910 era? Thanking you in advance.

Bev Hustead     February 12, 2000
Looking for an Agusta OLSON may have married a man by the name of CASE.  Have picture taken in a Studio at Heppner Or. Photo probably circa 1820-1830. Any info would be appreciated.  She had a sister Olga died in Union Or 2/22/1927 Married to a John VASS from The Dalles Or.  Thanks.

Martha Jane Peck  February 1, 2000
Interested in any history or bits of information or stories regarding grandfather Burton Haskell PECK, born 1882 (Ohio or Iowa) and died in Walla Walla, buried in Heppner.  He was married of Myra Francis YEAGER.  Any info would be greatly appreciated. 

Peggy Heseltine December 31, 1999
Looking for information on Jonathan RIGGS who died 12 Feb 1885 in Lexington, Morrow Co, OR.  Possibly his wife, Mary, also died there.  Thank you.

Kat Davis December 10, 1999
When was THEO DANNER, Photographer, in business in Heppner, Morrow, Oregon? I have a picture taken by him of my 3x great grandmother, ELIZABETH ANN CAMPBELL OWENS, and some of her children.  I am guessing it was taken around 1890.  Any information would be appreciated. 

Debbie Stevens September 29, 1999
"ADKINS" any and all.   Looking for any ADKINS that are related to James and Patsy Lucy Adkins.  They orginated in Chesterfield Co., VA then moved on to Howard Co., Randolph Co., and Adair Co., MO.  Recently found out that a
bunch of the Adkins children moved on to Morrow Co., OR and Eugene, OR area. This has been a great find.  The "brick wall" is broken.  My line is through John R. Adkins (son of James and Patsy) and Eliza Neff.  Will share."

Michael J. Stanley September 8, 1999
Searching for parents, siblings and other information on my great-great-grandparents. Green Washington BROCK b.10 Dec. 1846, d. 10 May 1895, married 10 Dec 1873 to Nancy Caroline RANDLE b. 07 Mar 1858, d. 14 Jun 1888. She was killed in the Lexington (Lextion?) cyclone. Both are buried in the Lexington cemetery in Morrow Co., OR in a plot with N.D. Brock (who?). They had eight children: Rose Gertrude, Ida May, Daniel Webster, Mary Arlinda, Susan Ann, my great-grandmother Lena Bell, John E. Mahlon and Myrtle Ruby.

Gary Ray Thu May 13, 1999
I am looking for descendents of Stirling Price (Bert) HANEY, who married Dollie KING on April 27, 1885 in Morrow County.  They had a son, Vern HANEY, born in 1891.  The family later moved to Portland where Bert HANEY became an osteopath.

Roxanne R. Brown  Thu September 3, 1998
Am looking for BDM information on James George THOMSON who married Agnes Mary SWIFT..  They had 5 children born approx. 1908-1914; their names were: Louise, Jessica Winifred, Jim, Curtis, Rod and Mary Helen.    They lived in Heppner.

Linda Nolan Fri August 28, 1998
Seeking information regarding murder conviction of Joe DEAL in 1891.  He was sentenced to 10 years on June 29, 1891, and was pardoned after serving six years.

Roger McCumber Sun Feb 1, 1998
Seeking information on Abner MACKEY and Jim McCUMBER. Both homesteaded in Morrow Co. in 1880s, Martin McCUMBER married Emile MACKEY Dec. 1888 in Heppner.

William H. Adams  Mon Feb 17, 1997

Eugene Lawrence FREELAND, son of Edward Archer Freeland Sr. and Mary A. REYNOLDS; b/ 1/28/1866; m. 12/24/1893 Inez VORNZ . Children: twins Eugenia and Eugene, Eugene, Elsie, Elaine. The twins were born in Heppner, OR in Morrow Co. The twins were born in December 1894 and both died February 17, 1895. The second Eugene b. 12/5/1895. Elsie b. 4/17/1897. Elaine b. 6/1/1899. I have the Freeland ancestry back to mid 1600s and would like to contact this couple�s descendants to learn their family history and share what I know.   My address is:
William Hampton Adams, PhD
Department of Archaeology
Flinders University
GPO 2100
Adelaide, SA  5001