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ANDERSON Leslie Campbell
BLACK William Stoker wstoker@cogeco.ca query
BLALOCK Gillian Nelson tankerprincess3116@yahoo.com query
BURRES Jackie Burres jroot1969@aol.com  
CALDWELL Dick Caldwell jdcald@cablespeed.com query
CASON Jan Gilliam Reynolds JaniceRey@aol.com  query
COONEY Joe & Laura Schmidt    
CRIPE Deborra Low Deborra.Low@orst.edu  
DANNEMAN Gene Powell
EATON Joe & Laura Schmidt    
EDWARD Texann Johnson pokey5@att.net query
FARRAR Leslie Campbell lesliec@jps.net query
BILBRETH Linda Hill pccapeape@yahoo.com query
GILKINSON Kathy Fuller FulKathy@aol.com  query
HENDRICKS Kathy Fuller FulKathy@aol.com   query
JACKSON Texann Johnson pokey5@att.net query
JACOBSON Leslie Campbell lesliec@jps.net  query
JONES Jay Jones jjones@sunlink.net  query
KIBBEY Deborra Low Deborra.Low@orst.edu  
KINTZLEY Kathie Kintzley Hardy theskymeadow@clearwire.net  
LEECH Lisa Ferris-Leech lisamail@verizon.net query
LEWELLEN Georga Morris Foster dgfoster@gorge.net  
LIBERTY Pat Diaz pdiaz@clearwater.net query
MALEY Leslie Campbell lesliec@jps.net query
MARSH Jan Gilliam Reynolds JaniceRey@aol.com  query
MAY, MAXWELL Andrea Ware woollies@tds.net   
MCCONNELL Leslie Campbell lesliec@jps.net query
MCCORMICK Joe & Laura Scmidt    
MILLER Georga Foster georga.foster@gmail.com  
MONTAGUE Kathie Hardy theskymeadow@clearwire.net query
MORGAN Greg Nelson GNelson942@aol.com  
NOTT LaVelle Nott Nottnott@worldnet.att.net query
PEBBLER Ron Johnson rondjohn@earthlink.net  query
PETRE Marty Bertera berteramarty@aim.com query
PORTER Julie Julijay@aol.com query
RATTRAY Greg Nelson GNelson942@aol.com  
REISACHER Julie Nelsen nelsenjulie@yahoo.com  query
SCRIBNER Rose Schaer  zmschaer@mtco.com query
SHAW Georga Foster georga.foster@gmail.com  query
SMITH Kathy Fuller FulKathy@aol.com   query
SMITH Andrea Ware woollies@tds.net   
SNELSON Texann Johnson pokey5@att.net query
STINCHFIELD Leslie Campbell lesliec@jps.net query 
STITT Geroga Foster georga.foster@gmail.com     
SUMMERS Joe & Laura Schmidt    
TEETERS Gene Davis gene_sharon@hotmail.com query
TRIMBLE / TREMBLE Lise' Ohlson johlson@msn.com query
WADE Sally Harris pastimer@uswest.net   query
WALLACE Terry L. Harmon tlharmon@charter.net  query
WALTON Carol carolvansant@sbcglobal.net query
WELSHONS Kenny Welshons kwelshons@eatel.net  
WOODFIN Texann Johnson pokey5@att.net query
WRIGHT Mary H. Sluder mhsluder@aol.com  
YARBROUGH Texann Yarbrough Johnson pokey5@att.net query

If you have materials like family bios, photos or other documents, to donate, or would be willing to do lookups, please contact me.


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